Lasik Eye Surgery Or PRK Surgery Which Is Better?

Should I Have Lasik Eye Surgery Or PRK Surgery?  

If you are thinking of having laser eye surgery or have already been for a consultation, then one of the decisions you are likely to have to make is whether to have Lasik eye surgery or PRK surgery (also referred to as Lasek). Lasik eye surgery is generally considered the first choice for laser eye surgery as the recovery period is quicker than PRK surgery.



Following Lasik eye surgery most people can return to work the next day (this depends on your job type), whereas following PRK surgery it is typically more than 1 week. Being able to return to work quickly after surgery is very desirable to most people as it means you will not need to take as much holiday time from your place of work. The cost of the two procedures is pretty comparable, although there are slightly fewer risks associated with PRK surgery. This is because most of the complications that occur during laser eye surgery are associated with the creation of the flap. There is no flap created during Lasik eye surgery or PRK surgery. The visual results of the two treatment types are pretty much the same meaning you have an equal chance of achieving 20:20 vision following either procedure.

When Should I Choose PRK Surgery?  

If  PRK surgery is blatantly the second choice for laser eye surgery then why are some people (approx 10%) still having this type of procedure? Well there are various situations when PRK surgery is considered the best option for treatment and in some cases the only option. Examples of these are as follows:

  • Thin Corneas:

    If you have thin corneas (this is measured during your consultation) then your surgeon may advise you that you are unsuitable for Lasik eye surgery. PRK surgery can be carried out on people with much thinner corneas.

  • Laser Eye Surgery Complications:

    Some people may consider PRK surgery ahead of Lasik eye surgery as there is a slightly lower risk of complications occurring. Although this is the case, the differences are minimal and not enough of a reason to choose PRK surgery ahead of Lasik eye surgery.

  • Contact Sports:   

    If you are involved in any contact sports such as football or particularly martial arts, then PRK surgery is always the preferred method of laser eye surgery. The reason for this is that following PRK surgery your cornea will still be exactly the same strength as it was prior to surgery, whereas following Lasik eye surgery it will be slightly weakened.

  • Job Types:  

    For the same reasons as mentioned above, if your job means there is a chance of you being hit in the eye (example security guard) then PRK surgery is likely to be the best type of surgery for you.

In summary Lasik eye surgery is almost certainly going to be the type of laser eye surgery that you choose as it is the least painful and has the quickest recovery time with proper eye care. You are unlikely to choose to have PRK surgery, rather your surgeon will advise you that you HAVE to have procedure. The only way of knowing for certain which procedure is the best for you is by having a laser eye surgery consultation.

We Want To Hear From You!! 

Have you gone through an eye surgery or are you planning to have one, what’s your take, which type of surgery lasik eye surgery or PRK surgery you had decided or would decide and why?

Do put in your valuable comments so as to help the readers in a similar situation to take a decision.

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