Laser Hair Removal Guide

For most people, the amount of time spent using various products to remove unwanted hair can be very frustrating. Shaving leaves annoying stubbles, waxing is messy and painful, and depilatories damage sensitive skin. Many have used electrolysis, however it involves long sessions as well as needles inserted into hair follicles. Often there is inflamed and bumpy skin that develops. As well, the results are only temporary. The good news is now men and women have a great option available – laser hair removal.



Benefits Of  Laser Hair Removal:   

It is a fast and permanent hair removal alternative. It is also safe and quite painless. There are two effective highly advanced laser hair removing technologies often used by cosmetic surgery clinics. They are the StarLux & reg; 500(IPL) and the Sciton Profile (ND-YAG). When you meet a patient consultant from a cosmetic surgery clinic, you will receive a complimentary consultation. The consultant will determine the correct laser for you. This will be based on your skin shade and your skin colour.

The Laser Hair Removal Process:    

A computer guided long pulse laser light down to the hair follicles which destroys targeted hair growth. The hair follicle absorbs the laser beam which then destroys it with the heat that is generated. The beam has a large diameter so numerous follicles are impacted at the same time. There is an automatic cooling system that gets rid of heat from the surface of the skin throughout the treatment so the skin remains protected and discomfort is minimized. This results in a very mild burning/stinging sensation. There is no pain medication or anesthesia required since the sensation is so mild. If a person has very sensitive skin, topical anesthetic cream can be applied.

Preparation For Laser Hair Removal:    

If you decide to get laser hair removal, there are a number of preparations you have to make prior to having the procedure. For instance, don’t pluck, wax, or sugar before the procedure. This is necessary because unwanted hair is pulled out prior to laser hair removal so the laser energy will not destroy the hair follicle due to the lack of a hair shaft. You should not use cream depilatories because they may irritate the skin which will make it hypersensitive when exposed to light. Don’t tan prior to the procedure because getting the most optimum results depends on the absorption of laser energy by the hair follicles. Laser energy becomes heat with the assistance of melanin which will then destroy the hair follicle. It is fine to shave because it is very superficial in removing hair and is actually needed at the commencement of a procedure prior to using the laser device.

On the day of laser hair removal, you should not use any products on the skin such as: talc, deodorant, make up, moisturizers, and perfume. In addition, there are medications that can impede laser hair removal. You should inform the patient consultant about any medication that you take. Following laser hair removal procedure, the treated area is cleansed and treated. You will be able to return to your regular activities. There may appear to be hair to be growing in the treated areas weeks after the procedure, but this doesn’t mean it did not work. It simply is the body trying to get rid of the lifeless hair follicles. Laser hair removal cannot target hair that is not in its growth cycle. This means more treatments may be needed to achieve the desired results. Results depend on hair growth cycle, hair color, hair density, skin type, and the treatment area.

Have You Ever Tried Laser Hair Removal?   

Apart from the normal hair removing methods that we use in our day to day use, have you ever tried laser hair removal for removing those unwanted hair. If yes, what has been your experience, do share with us.

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