What Are The Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Kidney Stones?

Are you familiar with kidney stones?  These are no ordinary stones.  These are substances that develop inside your kidney that causes blood to come out when you pee.  Have you heard of them?  If not, let this article teach you about the causes, symptoms, and treatment for  kidney stones.

Treatment For Kidney Stones


Who Are At Risk Of Developing Kidney Stones? 

Before we get to that part, let us first discuss “the WHO”.  Who are susceptible to developing kidney stones?  The answer is ANYONE and EVERYONE.  People between the ages 20 to 49 years old are prone to developing them.  Your family’s health history matters as well.  If your ancestors had them, chances are you might have them too.

Causes Of Kidney Stones:  

There are several causes to kidney stones.  They are as follows:

  • Less fluid intake and too many exercises that cause dehydration
  • Reduced volume of urine
  • Dehydration due to hot and dry weather
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Persistent increase in the amount of uric acid in the blood and pee caused by gout
  • Excess calcium level in urine or hypercalciuria (hereditary), cystinuria, hyperoxaluria
  • Hyperparathyroidism, renal tubular acidosis
  • Diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Medicine such as diuretics, antacids with calcium, crixivan
  • Excessive consumption of salt, sugar, animal protein, vitamin D supplements, and oxalate

For you to treat your illness, you need to first determine the symptoms.  Remember, proper diagnosis is the key to getting the right prescription.  So heads up.  Here are the signs and symptoms of kidney stones

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones:   

  • Extreme and sudden pain that may come and go
  • Pain is usually felt in the side of the mid back and may spread all the way to the groin
  • Men may complain about testicle pain
  • Queasiness, and sweating
  • Difficulty in finding a comfortable position
  • Blood in the urine or hematuria due to kidney irritation

However, seeing blood in your urine does not automatically mean you have kidney stones.  Blood also signifies having bladder infections or tumors.  To be sure, please have a doctor assess your current medical status.

Treatment For Kidney Stones:   

How is this treated?  Lets understand the treatment for kidney stones. Intravenous fluids are administered for nausea and pain management.  If pain or vomiting still continues, the patient is advised to stay in the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.  After the patient is released from the hospital, he or she is prescribed with a medication to help remove the stone.

Some stones may not be removed due to their location or size.  When this happens, the patient is advised to go through lithotripsy or shock wave therapy to reduce their sizes.  If these procedures don’t work, an ureteroscopy should be immediately executed to relieve the infection and remove the stone.

The popular adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” can be applied when it comes to kidney stones.  To avoid developing them, you should remember to keep yourself hydrated.  Drink plenty of fluids to retain what you have lost during your exercise and strenuous activities.  In addition, immediately contact your physician as soon as you have seen the symptoms mentioned in this post so as to initiate the treatment for kidney stones without wasting much time.  Take care and be well.

Share Your Experiences: 

Hello dear readers.  Are you experiencing the same thing? If you do, please share your experiences about your symptoms and treatments for kidney stones.

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4 comments on “What Are The Symptoms, Causes And Treatment For Kidney Stones?
  1. kts pillaiy says:

    Sir I am having kidney stone problem from last 15 years, and I got it removed two times by lazer breaking . after 6 to 7 months again itgetting formed,and creating a lot of problems . I taken alopathic , ayurvedic, and homeopathic medicines for this several times .but it is not giving any proper cure. so you please advice me the proper solution for this. I am waiting for your valuable advice, thank you.

    Kts Pillaiy

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      It shows a long history of kidney stones. Though there are number of ways to remove the kidney stones. The right treatment can only be ascertained upon physical examination of the patient. Therefore we suggest to contact your physician immediately who can prescribe you the right treatment after thoroughly examining your condition. Drink enough water which helps flushing out the stones through urine. We wish you speedy and lasting recovery.

  2. Victoria says:

    Oh, my gosh I had kidney stones when I was pregnant with my third child. They are incredibly painful. I was in the hospital but they couldn’t do anything except try to manage my pain because I was pregnant. After a few days of excruciating pain I went into premature labor and gave birth to a beautiful little girl. I think the stones passed while I was giving birth, thank goodness. It was interesting because when they gave my the epidural it blocked the kidney pain but not the birthing pain. Knock on wood I have not had any since then. But I will definitely be taking your tips to heart as I never want to experience that pain again, ever.
    Thanks for the great tips.
    Victoria´s last post…..An Anti Aging Eye Cream That Is Budget FriendlyMy Profile

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