Kettlebell Workouts For Better Fat Loss

Summer’s here, and everyone is rushing out to buy the latest trendy summer clothes, and the back of everyone’s mind is, have I lost enough weight this year to look good in my beachwear?

If you’ve missed the race to lose the belly, fear not because there’s still plenty of time to trim a few inches off your waist, in a much more efficient way than spending hours on a treadmill.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the best way to lose fat is to run for ages on a treadmill. While running has its benefits, it’s not the best method out there for the following reasons –

  • When you first start running you can lose up to 7lbs on a 30 minute run, the weight loss is not fat, it’s loss of water retention, which you will drink back after the run.
  • Running can become boring very quickly, and few people have the motivation to continue running for long periods of time.
  • Running is bad for your knees, many long distance runners suffer from arthritis later on in life
  • Running burns muscle, muscles are important for burning calories (will discuss later)

What Are Kettlebells?   



Kettlebells are simple cannonball shaped cast iron weights with handles on them to hold, while kettlebells are simple enough, they allow for a diver range of motions and exercises due to their simplicity. Kettlebells are originally from Russia, and have become famous in fat loss circuits recently. Even Hollywood stars are adopting them for their superior fat loss benefits.

Why Are Kettlebells So Effective For Weight Loss?  

Unlike running, kettlebells engage the whole body, not just from waist down. So you’re burning more calories.

But the fundamental reason is that kettlebells build muscles as the exercise requires the individual to shift a moderate amount of weight, roughly for 20 repetitions per exercise. Kettlebells will not make some muscular, but rather just give a little bit of healthy muscle tone.

Muscles are important, because muscles need to be fed 24/7, even when you are not working out. So a kettlebell workout induces both anabolic (building muscle tissue) and catabolic (breaking down of large molecules like proteins) states. Working with kettlebells (weights) also means that you increase your muscle mass slightly, which increases your metabolism and thus your need to burn more calories; even when resting! The same cannot be said for running which reduces your muscle mass and therefore reduces your overall ability to burn calories while resting.

Furthermore, the diverse range of exercises using kettlebells means that you’re never bored of it. You can easily add and remove exercises to your kettlebell workout.

How Do I Get Started?   

Kettlebells are probably the single most home friendly exercise equipment available, you simply need one kettlebell and you can get started straight away, there are many cheap bells being sold on eBay and craigslist that you can pick up for cheap.

Once you have a kettlebell you can begin by mastering the kettlebell swing

The Kettlebell Swing Workout: 

The swing is such a simple technique, but it forms the bread and butter of all kettlebell exercises, and has the power to do some serious fat reduction if done diligently and regularly.

Before beginning this workout, please be aware that you need to consult a physician before starting a weight training or kettlebell programme, if you’ve taken a long time away from exercise you will need to pay particular attention to this advice.

Beginners Kettlebell Swing Workout:

If you can’t do a push up, do a half push up with your knees on the floor, start with light weights, men use 35lbs, women use 18lbs

Two handed kettlebell swing x 18 reps

Sit-ups x 10

Two handed kettlebell swing x 18 reps

Push-ups x 10

Two handed kettlebell swing x 18 reps

Sit-ups x 10

Two handed kettlebell swing x 18 reps

Push-ups x 10

Two handed kettlebell swing x 18 reps

When you first start off doing, one round of this exercise should be enough, as you get more experience you may want to exercise several rounds for 15 minutes, and then increase the exercise by 5 minute intervals to 30 minutes. After hitting 30 minutes of exercise, begin to increase the weight of the kettlebell.

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