Treatment For Breast Cancer By Watercress

Watercress Can Treat Breast Cancer:  

How about treating breast cancer by Watercress? Watercress is a fairly common fresh herb in the culinary world, used for its strong flavor and peppery taste. The health world has known about the benefits of the herb since its recorded history. Cultures all over the world have attested to the many benefits of watercress and have used it for various ailments for centuries and now its been considered as treatment for breast cancer.  It’s a huge source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, B1, magnesium and a list of other beneficial nutrients. Watercress contains enough potassium to be considered an aid to those looking to lose weight. Some have claimed it can be used as an external poultice to treat swollen feet and sprained ankles. It’s also a known aphrodisiac and even contains antioxidants that promote eye health. The latest health discovery may be the healing herbs latest and most powerful one yet, linking watercress to treatment for breast cancer.

Treatment For Breast Cancer

Treatment For Breast Cancer

Studies Show Watercress Can Be Used In Treatment For Breast Cancer:     

Studies conducted at the University of Southampton show that the herb could aid in the suppression of breast cancer via chemical called phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC). This chemical found in watercress basically shuts down signals in the body that promote the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells use the body for nutrients and oxygen by sending out signals to normal cells in new blood vessel growth. There is a specific protein known as Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) that the PEITC in watercress halts the production of. This intricate process is believed to starve breast cancer tumors and suppress their growth.

Study On Cancer Survivors:    

A study on watercress was also conducted on breast cancer survivors. It involved measuring the effects of watercress in these survivors’ bloodstreams. The women fasted and then consumed 80 grams of watercress and were then tested. The results revealed detectable levels of PEITC in the women’s blood. The HIF protein was also seen to be affected as shown by a blood test taken over the span of an entire day. These are great results in helping to reveal the anti-cancer effects of this awesome herb, however, more work needs to be done to evaluate the direct impact it has on treating and decreasing risk of breast cancer.

Any leads in the fight against breast cancer deserve to be looked into, especially any solutions that come from natural sources. Watercress is an easy to grow crop and eating it has now been linked to interfering with a pathway closely associated with the development of cancer cells. Hopefully the rest of the necessary research will be carried out to draw some conclusive evidence on how it can be used to treat breast cancer.

Your Support For The Cause Is Much Appreciated:  

If you’re looking for a way to help support research for breast cancer, there are always fund raisers and activities going on just for that, just visit and support the cause in your own small way. Your small support may come up as a great help in finding an effective treatment for breast cancer.

Do put in your views and comments on how you think you can help support the fight against breast cancer.

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