An Alternative To Joining A Gym

Confidence is a very powerful thing and how you look is a major deciding factor in building/losing your confidence. When we’re low on confidence, we may find that even simple tasks can become surprisingly difficult and at this very moment we think of joining a gym.

We may struggle to find energy and constantly feel rather lethargic. Identifying why it is that we are feeling low may not always be easy, but many people find that their confidence levels are closely related to how they think about themselves.

If you look at yourself in the mirror and you find that you’re not happy with what you see then you may be storing up a range of issues. These aren’t simply psychological. It’s clear that being overweight, for instance, can lead to some serious physical problems.

Rather than allow yourself to face a range of potential medical issues, you may decide that the time has come to get yourself into shape. Is it now time for you to join the gym?

This is an interesting question and one that throws up a large number of additional issues. There are certainly a number of positives associated with joining a gym gym  but it’s not right for everyone. Let’s look at some of these issues in a bit more detail before we ultimately decide in favour of joining a gym.



The Cost Of Gym Membership:     

Gym membership is usually relatively expensive. You’ll often have to pay a monthly or annual membership. This may represent value for money. If you intend on visiting the gym every day and using the expensive equipment, then you’ll find that the cost of membership will be worthwhile.

But it’s also worth noting that many people pay for gym membership, but then rarely actually attend. In this case, it may become a needless expense.

 Exercising In Public:   

One reason why many people don’t like to join the gym on a regular basis is because they don’t enjoy exercising in public. This can be a particular problem if you’re already low on confidence and feeling bad about your body image.

You may not want to be surrounded by other people. It can be daunting to be surrounded by strangers, especially if they appear to be in better shape.

This is an understandable concern, even though the reality is likely to be that most other gym members will be concentrating on their own exercise routines. They’re not likely to be spending their time looking at you.

 Getting To The Gym:   

How close is your nearest gym? For some people, it may involve a long walk, or even a car journey. If this sounds familiar then you have to ask yourself whether the journey will have an impact on your motivation to keep on going to the gym.

This becomes a real concern if your intention is to make use of the gym early in the morning. Are you really going to get up even earlier to take into account the journey time?

This may be a good reason to avoid joining a gym  but it could also be argued that paying for membership is motivation in itself. You may be more inclined to exercise regularly if you know that you’ve already paid to do so.

 Is Joining A Gym Right For You?   

But there are also cheaper alternatives. You might consider, for example, the option of exercising closer to home. Running or cycling can be a great source of exercise and might actually allow for a little more flexibility. They will also cost you less.

If you have space at home then you could consider buying some specialist exercise equipment. This is a particularly good option for those who are worried about exercising in public.

 What’s Your Pick? Do Tell Us!!   

Whatever you decide, you need to make sure that you will have the necessary focus to exercise regularly. By improving your body shape, you can become fitter and also happier with the way that you look.

You just need to choose a route to increased fitness that’s right for you, it could be either joining a gym or exercising at home. Don’t forget to put in your comments as part of the discussion on the topic.

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4 comments on “An Alternative To Joining A Gym
  1. p90 x says:

    Doing some home exercise and do some running will be a great alternative. Buying portable training machines which you can mount at home would be great also.
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  2. But some people are just lacking the motivation that they need and so they fail. Yes with determination there are alternatives with going to the gym.

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