Effective Indoor Workouts For Winter

Last summer, my wife and I decided to become a 1 car family. In doing so, I became my own transportation to work, whether that meant cycling, jogging, or walking. This actually turned out to be a fun opportunity to be outside and get into better shape.



That is until October came around and temperatures dropped to just above freezing (some days in December it dropped below 30). I realize this isn’t the type of cold some of you back east experience, but it was well cold enough to knock me off my regular exercise regime of jogging to work everyday.

So what do you do to keep up on exercise when going outside might very well be worse for your health than staying in?

Here Are Some Indoor Workouts For Winters –

1. Wii Fit:

Okay, stop laughing. This is not my attempt to squeeze video games onto this list. I too laughed in disbelief when I heard there was a video game for the Nintendo Wii that would give you a work out. Then my in-laws got the game and had me play the aerobic challenges. The very first round I played of the hula-hoop level gave me a cramp in my side and left me rolling on the ground trying to catch my breath.

2. Chase A Baby:  

Another one to get you out of breath, chasing a baby around the house must burn about a billion calories per minute. I’ve got a 20 month old that I chase and she gives me a run for my money. Don’t say you can’t because you’re place is too small – we’ve got about 800 sq. feet to run in and that doesn’t slow us down. Don’t have a baby to chase? Borrow one! Most people know someonewith a toddler. Try your neighbors, coworkers, or friends at church. Free babysitting for them and a free workout for you!

3. Pay For Football With Push-Ups: 

I copied this trick from one of my heroes. To stay in shape even while enjoying 3 hours of football, do push-ups through each commercial set. Arms not quite up to that yet? Then pay for your football with 20 push-ups per touchdown and 10 push-ups per field goal. (This can also be applied to other sports and can even be used during warm weather.)

4. The Angie: 

My friend just told me about this one. His exact words, “It will mess you up!” It’s pretty basic – do 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats. But here’s where it gets intense – do all of those as a timed competition. Whoever can finish all 400 fastest… well they don’t really need to win anything do they? Everyone just knows they’re hardcore.

5. Go For A Run: 

Yes I know, the point of this post is what to do if it’s too cold to run. But I discovered something this morning. Cold weather exercise is exhilarating. I checked the weather this morning before I left for work at 5:30am and it was an estimated 42 degrees outside. So I put on an extra jacket and a ski mask and long boarded to work. It was one of the best rides I’ve had yet and 42 degrees didn’t actually feel that bad! (This last one might not apply to those of you living in -68 degree Fargo, North Dakota. See options 1 through 4 above.)

Do You Have Any More Indoor Workout Tips? 

Got any more indoor workout ideas? Post a comment below.

Completed the Angie? (See #4) Post your time in the comments below and we’ll see which reader gets the best time.

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2 comments on “Effective Indoor Workouts For Winter
  1. Good tips for doing weight loss exercise at home in winter. This are really very helpful as in winter it is very difficult to go out for gym.
    All are fun realted tips in which people will not get bored.

    • Great tips. Whether you are cycling, jogging, or walking, the big thing is you are exercising which is a great thing to maintain healthy life! Excess weight is a disease especially when it’s winter time when people eat more. I like the advice you have given out and hope to see this in the next site! Thanks.

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