Indoor Rock Climbing Is A good Fitness Exercise

Bored Of Gym? Try Indoor Rock Climbing For Fitness: 

As a sport, rock climbing is more popular and more accessible than it has ever been. Most cities have at least one indoor climbing centre and London has dozens. Almost all of them will be more than happy to provide instruction to complete beginners no matter what your level of fitness is. So why not give a try to an alternative to joining a gym?



A Great Way To Enjoy And Stay Fit:   

Climbing uses the whole body. Most people find it’s the arms that feel the strain the most when they start out, but as a level of skill starts to build up core muscles become more important and the action of placing your full weight on a small part of the foot effectively tones the calf muscle and the rest of the leg. Elite climbers are almost exclusively lean in body shape and while climbing does build up the upper body it won’t bulk you up as much as most people assume. After all, muscle is heavy, and the more weight you have, the more weight you have to carry up the climbing wall.

Unsurprisingly it’s a great way to lose weight. A good solid hour of climbing could burn as much as 700-900 calories. The exact figures depend on your body weight and how hard you’re working (there is a world of difference between an easy beginner route that can be climbed like a ladder and a hard route set for experienced folks only) but almost all sources agree that going for a climb burns more calories than heading out for a medium-intensity run.

There are other factors in climbing and other benefits for the body. Balance is central. Climbing of any kind involves taking the body from one asymmetrical posture to another, moving upwards. The body must find a stable equilibrium at each step-perfect balance training.

Indoor Rock Climbing Is Extremely Safe: 

Then there is the mental aspect. Indoor climbing is extremely safe. While you learn you’ll be supervised by a qualified instructor and the first time you set foot on the wall you’ll be as safe as you’ve ever been. Naturally it feels scary to be up high with only a thin rope for support but climbing ropes are sophisticated pieces of technology. A single 10mm line could easily hold a small car suspended so your weight is certainly not going to be a problem. Persuading your frightened brain of that fact can be a little tricky- for dedicated climbers the mental game is just as important as the physical. However, usually all it takes to become comfortable indoors is practice.

Its Exciting And Addictive:  

As any climber will tell you, it’s a deeply addictive sport. In week one you might not get to the top at all. In week two you’ll do noticeably better. In week three you might actually get that one tricky move that’s been eluding you. The sense of achievement is enormous and it’s more or less continuous. Every time you climb there will be something you can’t do, and every time there will be something you couldn’t do last time, but which now comes easily. There is no better feeling than the one you get when you reach the top of a difficult route.

When you first start out the rate of improvement is incredibly fast. The human body learns to climb very quickly, and although it takes years to reach an elite standard most beginners notice gains in muscle tone and skill within a few weeks. Within a month you’ll certainly be able to achieve things that looked impossible when you first started out.

The addiction factor is a massive plus from a fitness point of view. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a physical and mental challenge you’ll love it and we all know that getting fit is so much easier if you actually enjoy the process. Indoor rock climbing is an exciting, interesting way to shed some pounds and gain muscle power. It’s fun, social, and gets the adrenaline pumping.

Have You Ever Tried Indoor Rock Climbing?  

It’s a fabulous way to shed some pounds and tone up your muscles and nevertheless you start enjoying the sport. What a great way to enjoy at the same time tone up your body isn’t it? Are you already into it or are you planning to start it shortly? Do share your views what do you think about it by putting your comments.

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2 comments on “Indoor Rock Climbing Is A good Fitness Exercise
  1. Gordon Drago says:

    I love to rock climb it’s one the most fun things to do. Always thought I would be really scared of it because of the height but I seem to be okay. I highly recommend it anyone that wants to try something different instead of the same old running and biking.

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