Hysterical Pregnancy Symptoms Are Due To Psychosomatic And Physical Issues

Some women may experience hysterical pregnancy symptoms, but actually they are not pregnant.  These types of symptoms are called hysterical pregnancy symptoms or false pregnancy symptoms or pseudocyesis.

Hysterical Pregnancy Symptoms

Hysterical Pregnancy Symptoms

What Causes Hysterical Pregnancy Symptoms?

Experts say that it may be caused, due to the changes in the endocrine system. These changes may lead to psychological or physical symptoms of pregnancy. Many women falsely conclude that they are pregnant. These symptoms are so realistic and may last even longer than 9 months.
In some cases, both mental and physical health condition contributes to this phenomenon. Women who are suffering from severe depression or ovarian tumors are affected by this issue. In such circumstances, the hormone levels get elevated and they don’t get menstruation.
Psychosomatic issues can also cause these problems. It happens in women who are mentally obsessed to become pregnant. In such a case, the brain creates some changes in their body. These types of changes are activated due to distress maybe because of the death of the spouse and multiple miscarriages. Sometimes it is difficult for the doctors to deal with such people, because they won’t accept the fact that their pregnancy is not a real one.

Hysterical Pregnancy Symptoms:

This kind of problem occurs rarely and issues related to false child birth have been reported during 300 BC, even.  The signs and symptoms of this issue are very similar to that of pregnant women.
This makes them believe that they are pregnant. Sometimes menstrual problem may cause engorged feeling in the abdomen and other signs actually persuade her to think that she is expecting. Some of the symptoms that are seen in women with pseudocyesis are:

  • Breasts part becomes engorged
  • Hormone level in the body gets elevated
  • Craving for food
  • Sometimes widening of the abdomen also takes place
  • Morning sickness
  • Women stop menstruating during pseudocyesis
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea

The women who are diagnosed with hysterical pregnancy symptoms can even feel a fetal movement and in rare cases, milk production is also seen. The only way to get rid of this problem is through medical treatment.  It is good to find out the real cause of it and to get treatment based on the problem.

How To Treat Hysterical Pregnancy Symptoms:

The psychological issue is the main cause of such problem and women who are affected due to such kind of issues are:

  • Those who are not emotionally stable regarding the pregnancy are easily affected by false pregnancy symptoms.
  • It affects people who are in their 40’s and trying for so many years to conceive. They suffer from certain infertility problems.
  • Death of a child or miscarriage will also trigger this.

Possible treatment for this issue is to fix an appointment with the psychotherapist, which may help you to cope with the situation better. The doctor may suggest you to have an ultrasound scan to see whether there is an active fetus in the womb or not. Get treated, if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression disorder.
The hysterical pregnancy symptoms can be alleviated by certain pregnancy test and examination.  It is vital for every woman to keep their mind and body strong to stay away from such problems.

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