How Can You Prevent Diabetes

How can you prevent diabetes? Well!! before getting down to prevent diabetes, lets understand diabetes first. Diabetes has two classifications which are Type One and Type Two.

Types Of Diabetes:

Type One Diabetes:   

Type One Diabetes is also referred to as Insulin Dependent Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes. When you have Type One Diabetes your pancreas produces no insulin or very little insulin. This type of diabetes can be caused by being exposed to different types of viruses or it can be genetics. Most of the time, Type One Diabetes starts during adolescence but can happen to people of any age.

Type Two Diabetes:  

When you have Type Two Diabetes your body does produce the insulin but your body is not responding to the insulin your body is putting out.

There are many different ways that you can prevent diabetes unless it is caused by genetics. To find out if genetics are going to play a part in you developing diabetes you can get your family’s medical history. If you have someone in your family that has diabetes you have an increased chance of having diabetes. Diabetes, in the United States, is the fifth leading cause of people dying.

Can You Prevent Diabetes


Here are some ways you can utilize to help prevent diabetes from developing:

  • Ideal Body Weight:  

Make sure that your weight is proportionate to your body style and height. Many people who are obese have a diagnosis of diabetes. Having a risk of diabetes goes up if you have excessive body fat around your waist and being overweight.

  • Exercise Regularly:  

Make sure that you exercise regularly. Have an exercise plan. Doing regular exercise can help you become healthy. It will also help to improve your blood circulation thus helping to avoid the chance of developing diabetes.

  • Avoid Alcohol:  

If you think you are an at-risk person for getting diabetes, avoid alcohol and fattening foods. They will increase your levels of sugar in your blood. Eat a diet that has little sugars and fats to increase insulin.

  • Get Regular Checkup:  

Every year at your physician’s office get your blood checked by having them do an A1c blood test to make sure your average level is within the normal range, which should be around five percent. .People who have risks factors for developing diabetes, should have this test done at three month intervals.

  • Eat A Balanced Diet:   

Eat a well-balanced diet including plenty of vegetables and fruit. The pigment bioflavonoid found in these foods proves helpful to maintain blood sugar levels that are normal.

These are just a few of the ways which can help you to prevent diabetes. Make sure that you are eating a well-balanced and healthy diet and stay active.

Do You Have More Tips?    

Hope this article has given enough information on ‘how can you prevent diabetes‘. If you have more suggestions and tips to prevent diabetes, please share them below, so as to help the readers to prevent the disease from spreading.

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