How To Treat Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a real pain in the neck. One of the main problems with neck pain is that so often it can be caused by or a symptom of many other problems, and therefore is so difficult to treat, since the cause is not easily determined. But outside of the most serious issues of neck damage, where the spinal column may be involved or even itself damaged, the most pressing issue with our necks is the pain. There are ways to treat neck pain and to deal with the pain.



Check Your Posture:  

One of the most common and easiest causes of neck pain is poor posture. Many of us have gotten into the bad habit of slouching. Letting your spine slump and bend will remove the support that your neck needs to hold your head upright. Be conscious of your posture at all times; pretend there is an invisible thread going from the top of your head into your core. Keep that string straight at all times. One of the biggest problems is slumping over a computer, so make sure that your seat, hand position and head position allow you to keep your string straight when you are working on the computer.

Exercises To Treat Neck Pain:   

There are many exercises that will both help to strengthen the neck muscles and relieve the pain in them.

  • Head Retraction: 

Sit on a chair with your head in a normal and good posture and position. Draw your head back into your neck with your chin tucked down as far back as you can. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and then let it revert naturally to the original position. This should be done about six times a day, with ten repetitions for each session.

  • Neck Extension:  

Lie face up on a bed. Hold the back of your head with your hand, and move to the edge of the bed so that your neck and shoulders are hanging over the edge. Support your head with your hand, and let it drop towards the floor. When you have extended as far as is comfortable, relax in this position for about 30 seconds. Supporting your head again, raise it to the starting position. Slide your body down so that you can rest your head flat on the bed for 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise three times, in two sessions a day.

  • Side-bend:  

Sitting straight in a chair, bend your neck sideways as far as it will go naturally. Then, using your hand, pull your head gently down a little further to extend the neck muscles. The head should be facing straight at all times. Gently bring your head back to the starting position. Repeat ten times in each session and do six sessions per day.

  • Sleeping:

Poor sleeping habits are almost even with poor posture for causing neck pain. You may not be able to change your sleeping position, which may take over automatically once you fall asleep, but you can alleviate neck pain by starting out in a better position. A pillow is meant to support both the head and neck, and so you must make sure that your shoulders are on the pillow, and that the pillow is of a proper density so that your head naturally makes a supportive indentation in it. Normally a feather pillow will provide this kind of support, but new materials made of foam have been developed that will remain compressed instead of bouncing back and resisting the head.

Treatments To Cure Neck Pain:   

Over the counter treatments to treat neck pain that use heat have given many people relief from neck pain. Rub on creams that heat the area, work to loosen the tension in the muscles which gives temporary relief. Patches designed to treat arthritis or muscle strains can also be placed on the neck area to create the same effect. Some of them contain capsaicin, which is a kind of hot pepper that creates a warm sensation that relives muscle tension.

Severe neck pain may require pain killers, but prolong use of any medication should not be done except under the guidance of a doctor. If you can avoid taking pain medications by using these natural cures to treat neck pain, you will avoid additional health problems. Most natural medicines can greatly improve your health.

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