How To Treat Depression Using Herbs And Psychotherapy

Depression is a very common mental illness and almost every person is depressed at some stage of his/her life. The question is – How to treat depression? The common depression signs are feelings of sadness, helplessness, hopeless, low mood, lack of interest in life, lack of confidence, loneliness etc. Usually some or all of these feelings may be seen in any person and these feelings go away after some days. This is a natural process. But if above mentioned feelings become part of your personality and are not going away for the long time, like many weeks and months, then it is a mental illness and need to be treated. Dealing with depression becomes easy with proper care and support from family and friends. Usually it is seen that depressed person don’t want to take the treatment and thinks that he/she is normal. In these cases, it is the duty of friends and family members to watch and care the patient and take him to some therapist.



There are many types of depression like clinical depression, bi-polar depression, refractory depression etc. Whatever is the type of depression there are many effective methods to treat depression. The most common methods used to treat depression are using the anti-depressant drugs and psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy – An Effective Way To Treat Depression:   

One of the most effective ways to treat depression is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is carried out by the therapist or a group of therapists. In this therapy, the patient meets with the therapist in his office or clinic. This meeting is usually very friendly and proper care is taken to make the room and its atmosphere really relaxing for the patient. Psychotherapy is simply the dialogue between therapist and the patient. During their conversation therapist asks different questions about the past life of the patient. The most important questions that are asked are about the friends, business, any break outs, losses and accidents etc. These questions are asked by the therapist to determine the real cause or causes of depression in the patient. Once the causes of depression are diagnosed by the therapist, then the treatment becomes very easy. After proper diagnosis different medicines are also administered. Then some advices are given to the patient and friends and family members that are really helpful for the patient.

It is seen that after 4-5 sessions of psychotherapy with a good therapist, the actual causes of depression are diagnosed and the depression treatment is done really quickly and effectively.

Using Herbal Medicines To Treat Depression:   

To treat and cure depression, many anti-depressant drugs are used. These drugs are very effective but they have many side effects too. Due to this reason many people prefer to use the herbal medicines to treat depression. These herbal medicines are quite effective like the normal anti-depressant drugs and have very less or no side effects.

One of very famous herbal remedies is the St. John’s Wart herbal remedy. This remedy is formed by the extract taken from a plant of same name. This extract has very good anti-depressant properties and is very effective in reducing the depression symptoms. This remedy can be taken in different dosage forms like oils, capsules, tablets, creams etc.

There are also many other famous herbal medicines that are quite effective to treat depression.

Do Share your Ways Of Treating Depression With Us!!    

In the above paragraphs I have tried to explain the most effective and widely used methods to treat depression. I would love to hear about the thoughts and comments of my readers. If you know about some other effective methods of depression treatment, then don’t hesitate to share with the community.

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