How To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Whenever we think of the statement “Prevention is better than cure”, we tend to think about our health. Yes, taking good care of your health ensures prevention from many health conditions. Same holds true for our dental health. When we take good care of our pearly whites, we can keep dental problems at bay. There are many dental conditions out there which can affect us. Fortunately, studies have shown that most dental problems can be avoided by good dental hygiene.

So, how to take care of your teeth? Here are few tips that you can follow in order to have healthy teeth.

Brushing Correctly:

We go through the routine daily. But, incorrect brushing is almost as good as no brushing. Make sure you are brushing correctly and twice a day. Here is an article which shows how to brush your teeth correctly.

Flossing Daily:



Brushing reaches only 65% of teeth surface area. The remaining 35% needs to be cleaned by flossing. Incorporate flossing in to your dental hygiene regimen.

Balanced Diet:

Eat a balanced diet for great dental health. Limit consumption of sticky sugary foods like chocolate, chips, crackers and pop. Carbs are more likely to cause dental caries while protein and fat don’t cause tooth decay.

Dental Visits:

Visiting the dentist can help you identify any conditions in the initial stage which makes the management much easier than having to deal with it at an advanced stage.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum:

Sugar free gum containing xylitol helps fight bad breath and prevent tooth decay.

Rinse After You Eat:

Make sure you rinse your mouth after your meal or snacks. Rinsing clears the oral cavity of any food debris which may serve as food for bacteria to thrive on.

Avoid Tobacco In All Forms:

Tobacco in chew-able or smoke form is a serious health hazard including dental health. There are numerous dental problems that can arise from cigarette smoking such as xerostomia, deposits, stains, bad breath and oral cancer.

Taking good care of our teeth is simple to follow. Just incorporate the above guidelines in your dental care and keep smiling.

How Do You Take Care Of  Your Teeth?    

We have discussed above few points that help in taking care of your teeth on daily basis.

You may share your ways of taking care of your teeth for the benefit of the readers by putting your comments below.

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  2. It’s funny how when we think about oral health. We think about brushing and flossing but our diet plays a huge part in oral health. People that are gluten intolerance for example tend to have a lot more oral related health problems. There are so many people I know that brush and floss yet still have inflamed gums. It’s not just about brushing and flossing it’s about how you live your life.
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