How To Stick To Your Diet And Fitness Goals

Yes, it’s a new year and that means many of us will be super excited to start a brand new diet and fitness program.  We all want to get in better shape because we desire the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but why is it that so many of us struggle to follow through on our goals?

Before we can answer that question we must understand why we make the goals in the first place.

Why Are You Really Striving To Lose weight?   

Before you even consider starting a diet and fitness program, you need to think about your motivation for losing weight.  Please consider the following:

Have you recently been advised by your doctor that a change in lifestyle is necessary for your health?  Do you have a beautiful image in your mind of how you would look and feel being at your ideal weight?  Do you just want to be able to play with your kids again without feeling exhausted?



These are just a few of the powerful reasons many of us have for wanting to lose weight.  When you think of your reason, you may feel overwhelmed by excitement, nervousness, or happiness.  This is good.  In order to truly have the resolve needed to follow through on your diet and fitness goals you need to be fueled by your desire for the end result.  That picture of the new you, the one that feels and looks fantastic.

This is how most people feel when they start a goal.

Why People Don’t Follow Through Their Diet And Fitness Goals:      

The reason is simple – people give up most often during the hardest part – the beginning.  The excitement we feel at the start of a new diet and fitness goal is usually enough to get us going.  But what happens is we try to pile on the workouts and diets on our bodies so fast that we end up feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

If you haven’t exercised consistently for the past few months or years your body is used to a certain heart rate and energy usage.  The same goes for your diet.  Your body is used to eating the same type of foods and taking in the same amount of calories.

When you introduce a drastic change in your routine like a brand new diet or intense workouts, your body will react to it – and not in the way you’d like.

You may feel deprived, exhausted, frustrated, sore, and worse – you may feel like your goal is silly and impossible.

How To Change Your Approach And Stick To Your Diet And Fitness Goals:   

You need to start off slow.  That’s right, instead of being so excited at the beginning that you jump into your new routine full force, you need to take small steps and increase things over time, follow the tips and tricks to maintain fitness.

When you take small, achievable steps toward your overall goal you are allowing yourself to feel success and a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis.  Also, your body will get used to the new routine and adjust with you.  Eventually you will be able to handle stricter diets and tougher workouts with ease because your body will be used to it.

The whole idea is to build gradual momentum from the beginning while looking at the big picture.  You know where you want to go and why, now it’s just a matter of starting the right way so that each step toward your final goal feels doable and easy – instead of an insurmountable object standing in your way of success.

What’s Your Way To Manage Your Diet And Fitness Goals?     

How do you feel about this approach?  Have you been frustrated by not being able to follow through on your diet and fitness goals in the past? Do share your story with us by putting your comments below.

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    I really think what makes someone successful is passion. If you’re for example passionate about weight loss then you will lose weight. It’s how badly you want it

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    Fantastic Blog….

    Exactly, When we change our daily health care routine, we see it’s impact quickly or slowly.
    But, We should try to maintain our fitness in our busy life for good health.

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