How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Everybody who has participated in sports or a rigorous fitness regime has likely sustained an injury of some sort. Even the best conditioned athletes in the elite professional ranks are susceptible to injury and are unable to prevent sports injuries. Sidney Crosby and Peyton Manning both have missed extended periods of time recently because of injuries that couldn’t be prevented.



That doesn’t mean you should consider injuries a part of life and do nothing to avoid them, however. There are plenty of precautions and practices that can be put into place that help prevent sports injuries. Whether you are a weekend jogger or an Olympic athlete, here are some tips that will keep you active and doing the activities you love.

1. Start Eating Healthier:    

The diet of somebody who is physically active needs to be much different from an average person. Many athletes make the mistake of not eating enough because they seek to lose weight or avoid adding fat. The opposite is true, however. Active people should have a high caloric intake so their bodies can use those calories to build up muscle and tissue. Eating too little causes the body to begin eating your muscle for nutrition instead of those calories!

Protein intake is vital for active athletes. While carbohydrates are important to fuel energy, protein is a must to maintain muscles and soft tissues. Eating a high amount of protein prevents soreness and lowers recovery time after workouts.

2. Regularly Treat Your Body:   

Active bodies need a lot of attention away from the court, field, or gym. Look into treating your body by doing something that is both healthy and relaxing. A trip to the spa every other month is a great idea! Many athletes also regularly visit chiropractors or massage therapists. One afternoon of relaxation can wash away lots of built-up aches and pains.

3. Change Your Warm Up Routine:   

If injuries are a nagging problem, it might be time to be more proactive in changing your warm-up routine. Everyone’s body is different and some people require longer, more intensive stretching and extended warm-ups prior to exercise. You may need to jog for 10 minutes as opposed to 5, or start stretching at the rink 20 minutes before everybody else does.

Experiment with a few different types of stretches and activities to raise your heart rate. After a couple of sessions, you’ll have nailed down a new routine that will keep you healthier and enhance your performance.

4. Invest In Proper Equipment:   

One of the most prevalent causes of injury is the use of improper equipment. This can mean a variety of different things. Perhaps your running shoes don’t properly support the arches of your feet, or your elbow pads are a size too small. Saving a little bit of money here or there isn’t worth it if it’s going to keep you on the sidelines.

While it is extremely beneficial to take these precautions throughout your active lifestyle, none promise complete prevention from injury. Sports can be dangerous, and the greatest benefit you can give your body is consideration and care. Your awareness will be the most beneficial factor in sustaining your health, and allow you to continue taking these other preventative measures.

Let’s Discuss!!

If you are a sports person, what measures you take to prevent sports injuries that might happen during the course of your play?

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    Good info. Well written blog post. I’m always getting injured, so this really helps me!

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