How To Prevent Flu Virus During Winters

Many people are going to buy a new coat for themselves and/or their children as winter approaches. Staying warm can help prevent the common cold and influenza. While we put on our coats, it is important to know that the flu virus also wears a coat. This coat helps the flu virus spread through the air longer when the air is cold and dry. Winter creates the perfect condition for the flu virus to thrive. The peak of the flu season is from January through March, but there are things we can do to remain healthy and survive the next flu season.

The flu virus has always been a contagious respiratory virus that can be mild or severe. Most people do not consider it to be a life-threatening illness, although some people die from flu complications each year. It is estimated that 25-50 million reports of the flu occur annually, mostly affecting children, adults 65 years and older and people with certain health problems. Nearly 150,000 people are hospitalized and up to 40,000 deaths occur each year.

Weakened immune systems from cancer treatments, anti-rejection drugs and HIV/AIDS make these groups more vulnerable. Health care and child care workers are also susceptible to the flu virus because of the close, constant contact with patients and small children. People, who suffer from asthma, have heart problems or diabetes are also at risk for developing complications from the flu.



Check These Tips to Prevent Flu –

Keep Your Household Healthy:

Medical professionals purport that being vaccinated is the best way to prevent getting the flu. However, there are also practical ways that you and your family can stay healthy. The flu shot does not protect you against poor health habits.

Covering your mouth during a cough and washing your hands can protect you and others from germs and prevent spreading the flu. Children should always wash their hands, especially in child care settings. Your child care provider should promote frequent hand washing throughout the day. Young children are at risk for developing gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases that can spread to family members.

Washing Hands Properly:

Washing your hands requires little time and effort, and can go a long way in keeping your family healthy during the flu season. Taking extra care in drying your hands is also a good healthy habit. Using either a paper towel or hand dryer is better protection than a shared hand towel. Germs remain on a hand towel long after it is used. Use paper towels to turn off the faucet and open the door. Most public restrooms have a trash can near the door to dispose of the paper towel.

Avoid Public Restrooms:

Public restrooms are notorious for germs avoid them as much as you can, and after having used one wash your hands properly and dry them. The option to dry your hands with a hand dryer can help disperse those germs. If hand dryer is not available do not hesitate to use a paper towel.

You can flu-proof your household with proper care, keeping your family healthy this season and beyond.

What Are Your Ways Of Keeping Flu Virus Away?

Flu is a common ailment during a particular season. How do you keep away the flu virus and keep your family healthy and fit, share your tips and remedies for it, we would like to hear you.

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