How To Prevent Cramping In Calves

What is cramping in calves? I am sure we have all experienced it at some point or other. They always seem to be worse when they strike at night, too. Cramps to the calf can be excruciating and the dull pain can remain for a long time, even when we have got rid of the initial acute shock. It is a common problem, even in those who have a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. So the question is how to prevent cramping in calves.

It is perhaps a little surprising that there are no medical, clearly defined reasons why these occur. Generally, cramps are linked to electrolyte imbalances, such as lack of salt or sugar being provided to muscles.

There are a number of leg workouts however, which can keep the calves in good shape, reducing the likelihood of cramping in calves, while minimising the pain and length of any cramps that do occur.

Preventing Painful Leg Cramps:  

One leg work out that people always do when they are in the midst of cramping is a stretching exercise. Undertaking regular calf stretching routines can also prevent cramping in calves, as it keeps the muscle flexible and therefore discourages sharp contractions.



A simple stretch pattern, such as leaning onto a wall and pressing into the floor with your legs, is an effective leg workout, which if performed before bedtime each evening will lessen the risk of you cramping through the night. Positive results are generally seen after around a month of performing this leg workout every evening.

Consider your sleeping posture, too. It is thought that cramps occur more regularly to people who sleep on their back. This can be caused by the feet leaning downward, which manipulates the position of the calf muscle and causes an excruciating cramp. Place a pillow under your calves when you sleep if you lie on your back.

Regular Simple Exercises:   

Undertaking simple exercises on a regular basis will prevent cramping in calves, the great thing is that these leg workouts aren’t difficult. While sitting at your office desk, why not try rotating your feet & moving one foot clockwise and the other anti-clockwise has also been seen to develop your brain!

Take care to warm up and properly stretch a muscle prior to any leg workouts. Failure to cool down afterwards is also a common cause of injury. If you are working weights on the calf machine in the gym, failure to stretch the muscle out afterwards will have you in trouble later on. Not a great feeling at 3am!

How Do You Prevent Cramping In Calves?  

Almost everyone goes through this painful experience of cramps in calves. What do you do to prevent cramping in calves? Do share your views with us.

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