How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

First thing is not to worry about weight gain, concentrate on your baby! Don’t do anything for the first 6 weeks, your body has been through hell and needs time to recover! We all see celebrity mums getting their figure back in weeks but this is against medical advice and is very difficult and challenging to achieve.



The main areas we will be dealing with in this article are reducing calories and post pregnancy exercise that you can fit in with caring for a baby. To lose weight after pregnancy, it’s a combination of these two things that will bring success.

Reduce Intake Of Calories And Fat In Your Diet:   

1.      Drink plenty of water and use it to replace sugary drinks, tea or coffee.

2.      Replace sugary biscuits and chocolate with healthy snacks. You are going to be in the house more and the temptation to snack is always there. So be ready and don’t have any chocolate or biscuits in the house. There are plenty of low fat snack options out there.

3.      Make sure you use lean cuts of meat.

4.      Breastfeeding burns around 650 calories per day. You are recommended to consume an extra 500 calories to meet this need. The remaining 150 calories will be taken from fat reserves. If you are eating sensibly then you can lose weight just through breastfeeding.

5.      Don’t crash diet; look to lose around 2 pounds per week. Sensible weight lose means you are much likely to be able to keep it up. Small changes in your life style can mean big changes in weight!

6.      Increase whole grains, vegetables and fruits. These foods are high in fiber making you feel full for longer. Whole grains are complex carbohydrates, which provide long lasting energy. Vegetables are high in fiber and have a high water content meaning fat free and low in calories.

7.      Don’t skip meals! Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored! Many mums skip meals trying to lose weight but this is the wrong way to go about things. Eating regular healthy meals is the best way to control weight.

Exercise To Lose Weight After Pregnancy:   

1.      Get the baby out in the pram for a walk. Babies love fresh air and walking with the pram every day will burn plenty of calories.

2.      What about trying yoga? Gets you out of the house, burns calories and is a chance to meet new people.

3.      Get yourself an exercise video; there are good selections that are specially designed for new mums who have just have had a baby.

4.      Check down at the local gym to see if they have any specific lose weight baby classes, many offer crèche facilities.

5.      Swimming is great for new mums, nice gentle exercise that is enjoyable. Also during the week the pool will be less busy. This exercises all the main muscle groups and has excellent calorie burning results.

6.      Pelvic Floor Strengtheners – Excises like Kegel Crunches, are an excellent way to reduce the risk of postpartum incontinence, and tones the vaginal muscles making sex better.

What Are Your Suggestions To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?  

We have listed above some tips to lose weight after pregnancy. You may have your own ways to deal with the situation. Do let the readers know how you cope with the situation by putting your valuable comments below.

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  1. Lose weight after pregnancy says:

    You’re no longer pregnant, but your body just isn’t the same as it was. You’ve changed, and it takes time to get back into shape. For example, your breasts are still large (whether you intend to breast-feed or not) and you’re probably still padded with a layer of extra fat that your body stored in case the baby needed emergency nutrition.
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