How To Identify Bad Insulin?

Check for bad insulin should be properly done to identify bad insulin before you use it. According to the American Diabetes Association, insulin is a critical hormone that is missing in the bodies of diabetics, and without it, the effects of diabetes intensify, and can cause system-wide problems. How insulin is stored, is critically important.



How To Store Insulin?   

Insulin is a protein and, for that reason, it must be injected rather than taken orally. If taken orally, the body would digest the insulin and render it useless.

It is important to make sure that insulin stays cool. If the insulin is going to be used within 30 days, it can be left out of the refrigerator in a cool place. If it will be more than 30 days, then it should be refrigerated.

Signs Of Bad Insulin:  

When insulin is first taken out of the packaging, it is important to check the contents of the bottle and make sure that the liquid is not discolored in anyway. Insulin should be clear in color, and there should not be any particles suspended in the liquid. Since the bottle is clear, these things are relatively easy to check for. If any of these things appear in the liquid or if the liquid is discolored or cloudy, the insulin should not be used.

In some types of insulin, small white clumps form at the bottom of the bottle. This white matter resembles milk curd and is a sign that the insulin should not be used.

If the bottle of insulin was left out in the sun or in an environment in which the temperature rose above 86 degrees, then it is best not to take chances with it. Sun and high temperature are both contributors to insulin going bad.

The best and most reliable way to tell if insulin is not working is the body’s reaction to it when it is injected. Insulin is used to lower blood sugar readings, when it is injected, within a short period of time, blood sugar readings should begin to drop. The normal person has a blood glucose reading of 80-100 mg/dl. Optimally a diabetic tries to keep within 20-40 points of the highest number. The diabetic uses an at-home meter to monitor this. The blood can be tested to make sure that, after injection, the insulin is having the desired effect.

Insulin is a lifeline for many diabetics, and it is important to make sure that it is stored and kept in the proper way to maximize its shelf life.

Do You Check Insulin Before Using It?    

It’s always better to check insulin before using it so as to confirm that its not a bad insulin and it works well and does not give any undesired results. What are your ways to ensure that the insulin is good and can be used without any problem?

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3 comments on “How To Identify Bad Insulin?
  1. Sheila Margon says:

    What if the insulin is milky and you can see each mini white dots?? Is that normal? I had to buy another bottle because the one I had wasnt working and the new one has the same aspect as the used bottle I had. And when I buy it it isnt that cold, seem to be the refridge at the pharmacy isnt working at all, Im worried it is bad too 🙁 CAn you tell me if it is normal this appearence? Tks for the atention.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      The white and milky substance indicate that the insulin is bad. It should be kept under refrigeration to be good for use. Please reconfirm it with your doctor before actually using it.

  2. charlene says:

    I bought a bottle of Humulin R at Walmart. My diabetes was in good control. MY numbers shot up and i could’nt get them down. My doctor said to return the insulin and get a new bottle. I started the new bottle and the same thing occured. I believe the insulin was not kept cold during the delivery process. I sent the bottle refrigerated back to Novo Nardisk but all they did was pull a bottle from the control group and visually tested it. That was the incorrect method of testing. They needed to test my sample to see if it was affected by heat during delivery

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