How To Cope With Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a great source of stress and discomfort for many people. Especially during cold weather which just happens to coincide with stressful holidays. It can occur everywhere on your body, and even the smallest patch can be irritating enough to prevent any form of relaxation. It can be caused by aging, genetics or different external causes. Whatever is causing your dry skin, I have some tips to help you understand how to cope with dry skin.



Cut Down Your Shower time:    

First off, you will want to rethink how you bath and shower. Long hot showers feel very relaxing, but they reduce the protective oils on your skin. You should try to reduce the heat of your shower the whole time. If you suffer from dry skin during cold weather reducing shower temperature can be very hard to do, because hot showers give us a sense of relief from the cold. To compromise you can just spend a shorter amount of time in your shower with hot water. Try about 50% of your showering being as hot as you want it to be, and the other half with a lower temperature.

Don’t Scrub Too Hard:   

While in the shower you should pay attention to how you clean. If you scrub really hard when you clean or use harsh cleansers it can be very damaging to the skin, and takes away the natural oils that protect your skin. Try washing with gentler soaps, and doing so lightly.

Moisturize Well:    

Moisturizing after you shower is one of the best ways to care for your skin. Make sure you moisturize while your skin is still moist, because your pores are still open then. Don’t towel off after moisturizing, because the moisturizer will come off on the towel.

Good moisturizer is crucial.The type of moisturizer you use is important, but the ingredients are the most important aspect. Moisturizers can be expensive, but if you know the right ingredients you can find cheaper ones that will be just as effective. When choosing a moisturizer look for one with ceramides. Ceramides hold water in your skin, so that your skin will obtain moisture. The natural substance will help relieve your dry skin. Glycerine is another key ingredient, because it draws water to your skin. Mineral oils are great to have in your moisturizer as well, because it retains water that your skin absorbed during bathing.

Drink Lots Of Water:   

Drink a lot of water! If you look in any moisturizer you’ll notice that one of the top ingredients is water, and that all the ingredients I listed have to do with retaining water in your skin. This is because keeping your whole body moisturized with water is important, and is good for all aspects of your health.

What’s Your Say?   

How do you cope with dry skin? Hope you found the above tips useful. Do post your comments below.

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