How To Beat Hunger Cravings

Anybody who has ever been on a diet knows the horrible feeling of being hungry hours before you’re allowed to eat. And even if you’re not trying to lose weight there’s no easier way to pile on the pounds than to give in to cravings and pick up a snack when you don’t really need one.



A recent study by weight loss guru Tony Ferguson found that the most common time to experience hunger cravings is 3pm, just two hours after the average lunch time. So if you find yourself eyeing up the vending machine every afternoon what can you do to stop temptation? Here are our top tips for beating your belly:

Stay Busy:  

It is a common complaint for people to graze on unhealthy snacks because they are bored or have nothing else to do.

Work out some activities or work which will occupy your mind during danger periods between meals.

Take yourself away from potential sources of food by perhaps going for a walk or even a jog.
If you do find yourself with nothing to do, try calling a friend or family member to pass the time.

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Ensure that you never skip a meal, this can easily lead to binge eating later. Try to plan your meals every day and make sure you have the necessary ingredients well in advance.

If your diet allows for some healthy snacks make sure you have some fresh fruit or vegetables prepared in advance so that you know exactly how much you are eating. Avoid the temptation of making more than you are allowed.

Fill a two-litre bottle with water at the start of the day and aim to drink it. This is a healthy daily amount of water and it can help you to feel full when hunger cravings strike.

Just Say No:  

If you work in an office environment it is all too common for temptation to present itself throughout the day. A colleague has a birthday and brings in cake, the team heads to the pub for lunch, the snack machine calls your name from the corner.

Don’t wait for these things to occur to find out how you will react, prepare yourself mentally and be ready to say ‘no thanks’ when you need to.

If you start to feel tempted to snack ask yourself: “Am I really hungry?” A lot of the time you will find that the answer is simply no. Learn to tell the difference between psychological and physical hunger.

Always remember that losing weight isn’t about shedding pounds as quickly as possible, it’s about sticking to a sensible diet that gives you the energy and nutrients you need. You are always in control and you should never starve yourself.

By cutting out snacking at peak craving times you can dramatically reduce your daily calorie intake and have the healthy diet that you desire.

Let’s Hear From You!! 

Everyone goes through these natural feelings of hunger cravings, if you indulge in it you may end up putting up those extra kilos and if you know how to control them you end up being happy at the end of the day without the feeling of that guilt of binging on those calories laden snacks. What are your tips to control your hunger cravings? How do you control yourself?

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  1. Bryan says:

    Oh yes, this is one of the hardest challenges when it comes to losing weight. It can be easy from the start but as time goes by, “Maybe it’s all right once in a while” is what you will be saying. Thanks! Great article!

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