How Kushal, A Foodie Lost 30 kgs – A True Story

 This is a true story of  Kushal, a self confessed foodie and how he lost 30 kgs that too without sacrificing on his passion – FOOD, read on to know how a foodie lost 30 kgs……

Brief About My Background:

I am presently aged 26 year old and living in the beautiful city of Bangalore. Professionally, I am into startups domain – have been into web based startups till now. I come from Delhi and like a typical Delhite, is FOODIE to the core (even now). Yup, correct, I am a die hard fan of chhole bhathure, butter chicken, dal makhani, shahi paneer and naan and anything even closely related to ‘food’. Since the time I remember, I have always been chubby – school, undergrad, postgrad, I have always been on the bulkier side (rather huge, owing to my height!) I have never really been into sports, Rather, I have been more of a studious/ topper (gold medalist et al) and not to forget, was one of the laziest persons EVER! Trust me, laziness and foodie is a deadly combination! This was me, till I landed in Bangalore in 2013.

My Motivation?

Simple! People around me who used to say “You won’t be able to do it! It’s very tough!” I drove my inspiration from them to challenge myself to achieve the unimaginable. Additionally, there were always people who were there to praise me for my smallest of the achievements.

So here you go, how a foodie lost 30 kgs ……

How I Did It?

I came to this city, and I was exposed to a new culture – Cyclist (call them bikers) riding in the city. The part of India, I come from, there cycle is for kids, car is for grown ups. And here was this city, where going to office on bike (cycle) was common for the anyone (from child to people in their 40s!) and considered really cool (read: eye grabber!) Not often you find bikes moving faster than cars in city. And here it was happening in front of me! For the 1st time in my life, I wanted to cycle, for the fun of it, for the awesome weather, for coming into a different league. People would often say, “You are very fat. Only slim people look nice on cycle. People will laugh. YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO DO IT! It’s very tough” Call me weird, but I love challenging myself. With a little motivation from some friends there I was purchasing a basic Decathlon MyBike. It was basically to test the waters if I can survive cycling for a week! Remember, I have NEVER ever been into sports. I used to cramp on walking 0.5 km. So, it was like a completely different thing for my body. You ask, how I did it? Here are a few things that I did and worked for me to lose weight without dieting.

Foodie lost 30 kgs

Kushal – Before And After

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1. Started tracking my calories intake and calories burnt by cycling: There are a lot of free apps like endomondo that will help you map how much calories do you burn while exercising. Similarly, apps like myfitnesspal can give you an indication of the calories in the food you are having. I was using both of them.

2. Setting daily goals and improving them: I tried to better myself with every passing day. It might be just 100m more cycling also, but some improvement had to be there. In beginning it was tough, I mean REALLY tough. The 1st day, I was cramping, my thighs were stiff. But, the results are worth it. When I persisted with cycling, there came a time when while sleeping, I could feel fat in my legs being torn and muscles coming up. That feeling, that moment was the biggest motivation for me.

3. Kept my “favourite food” as reward for my daily goals – Everyday I used to cycle. I started off with 5km (with 6 breaks) and within a month I was cycling 20km daily. When I was able to achieve my daily goal of burning X calories, I used to treat myself for breakfast I like (paratha, poha etc. #delhite). The days when I missed my targets, I went for idli sambhar (not my favourite). So, yes food was big motivation for me!

4. Not checking out weight on weighing machine: I purposefully did not check my weight for 2 months. I thought I will be disciplined and aim for sticking with cycling routine. Pushing myself for a stiffer target everyday. Additionally, I knew that I have a weakness of being complacent on seeing the results, so I made sure that I have to persist without seeing the quantifiable results!

5. Calorie Burnt >= Calorie Intake [on non cheat days]: I have always been a foodie! So, it was difficult (practically impossible) for me to cut down my calorie intakes drastically. The other solution for me was to pump up the calories I was burning. I tried to match my calorie burnt (endomondo) with calorie intake (myfitnesspal). As far as the junk foods go, I made sure that I took a cheat day on Saturdays. But, no free lunches, I made sure I EARN it! The catch was I used to set an unrealistic target on weekends for my “old” self. Eg. On 1 of the weekends, 50km cycling was the target, on another weekend, I set a target of riding 5 km on cycle while standing!

How A Foodie Lost 30 Kgs

Kushal – Before And After

6. Give up all mode of transportation apart from cycle: This worked wonders for me! Being a foodie I am, I made sure I was going to all the highly rated food joints in Bangalore (zomato!). However far they might be, I made sure I travel to the place on bike (cycle) and return on the same. It served a lot of benefits for me: 0 cost of travel, Calories burnt to reach the food destination and try out best of cuisines in Bangalore!

7. Diet: Simple! If I achieved the target, I get to earn the yummy food, or better stick to healthy (boring) food. I made sumptuous meal as a reward. Additionally, I made sure that my cheats were happening on breakfasts and lunches. I tried to have dinner early (before 9pm good, before 8pm better) I needed something that was sustainable, not a short lived diet. I had met a lot of people who started extreme “starving” diet just to lose weight, not cool I guess. So, I came up with this concept, which I think has been working pretty well till now.

This is the story of how I lost 14 Kgs from cycling and jogging alone in 2.5 months (Sep 25th to Dec 10th 2013). There were more phases in next 2.5 months (losing 16.5 kgs). The 2nd part was much, much tougher. How I did that? Something for next time.

Share Your Experiences Too!!

What do you say guys, did you get motivated by this amazing true story of Kushal on how he lost 30 kgs of additional baggage he was carrying. It indeed is a story of great determination and perseverance of how a foodie lost 30 kgs, but at the end, its worth it. Don’t you think so?

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3 comments on “How Kushal, A Foodie Lost 30 kgs – A True Story
  1. Sarah says:

    I’m glad you found the motivation to achieve the desired weight you’ve always wanted. I’m sure many people will be inspired by your article, especially those who desire to also lose weight. One of the keys to achieving weight loss is self-discipline.
    Sarah´s last post…..Easy diet plans for weight lossMy Profile

    • Ravi Kochhar says:

      Yes you are right Sarah, the important thing is self discipline and the required motivation without which you would not be able to achieve the desired results.

  2. Ravi Kochhar says:

    Yes Alex its absolutely a true story, the facts are given in the article itself.

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