High Blood Pressure – Causes, Risk and Cure

A blood pressure under 120/80 mm Hg is considered ideal under normal conditions for your health. A higher level than this is a warning sign of cardiovascular disease and an alarm for immediate attention towards your health.

Causes And Cure For High Blood Pressure

Causes And Cure For High Blood Pressure

Hyper tension or high blood pressure, having no known cause in more that 95% cases so far, is called a silent killer that builds up in your body without any noise i.e. without any visible symptoms initially then suddenly starts giving you death threats.

High blood pressure, anatomically, is the result of shrink in blood vessels that affects flow of blood to its pumping station i.e. heart and cause damages to heart and vessels both. It also affects kidneys and, in some cases, brains too.

The presumably known factors include kidney abnormality, arota (the large blood vessel) abnormality and shrink in certain arteries. These abnormalities increases workload of your heart and arteries, make it pump harder. Persistence of such situations harms heart and arteries both and reduce their efficiency that further leads to risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and heart attach.

All these problems should be corrected in consultation with your doctor before you embark on your daily fitness regime which should be tailored in consultation with your physician according to your body’s physical endurance.

Some Unchangeable Situations For High Blood Pressure:

Old Age:

In old age your arteries get stiffer and are more prone to develop high blood pressure.

Racial Factors:

Some races like African Americans easily develop high blood pressure symptoms and complications at an early age than others.

Social Status:

People from lower middle classes and other less educated groups develop high blood pressure complications more often than people in higher societies.

Heredity Factor:

High blood pressure, in most of the cases, runs in family.


Blood pressure increase, in many women, during pregnancy and is controlled by medicines. In normal cases it returns to normal after the deliverance.

Some Changeable Situations:


Overweight is prime factor of increased blood pressure and related disease.


Increase or decrease in regular sodium intake does pose high blood pressure problems in some sodium sensitive people. You can get sodium either from edible salt or from some other sources like some painkillers medicine, etc.


Drinking in large quantities on regular basis raises blood pressure.

Drugs & Medicines:

Some drugs and medicines like birth control pills, diet pills and allergy pills can raise blood pressure.

Some primary symptoms of high blood pressure can be headache, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, etc.

Any person with high blood pressure diagnosis should bring some immediate changes in his / her daily lifestyle and get immediate medical treatment to avoid any non-repairable damage.

· Change your diet and eating habits: Reduce salt and sodium intake. Avoid crash or fad diets. Choose low calorie, low fat food. Avoid butter, margarine, red meats, whole milk, cheese, ice cream, cakes, pastries and other such foods.
· Quit smoking and drinking habits.
· Maintain your weight to a healthy level not by medication but increase your physical activities. Lack of physical exercises is also considered to be a big reason of high blood pressure.

A 30 minutes of physical exercise either daily or even every alternate day is considered good for cardiovascular health and your general fitness. It can include house cleaning, playing out door games like gold or baseball, basketball walking, cycling, gardening, dancing etc. Physical activities help reduce bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol. 

At last it is the best advice to avoid high blood pressure and start a recovery as soon as you are diagnosed with it. Why pet the culprit within?

Discuss your tips to control blood pressure by way of posting comments on the topic.

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