How To Have A Healthy Heart?

To have a healthy heart is a step closer in getting rid of several heart related diseases. As you know, heart is one of the most vital organs of human body, therefore in order to be completely healthy and fit, first of all, you need to have a healthy heart. If your heart is healthy and working well 60% of your problems are almost over, and to achieve a healthy heart you need to follow a regular fitness regime.



In today’s time most of the symptoms for certain chronic ailments are related to heart, which if ignored, become the base of serious complications in future. It’s always better to undertake moderate fitness regime on a regular basis to keep our heart healthy, fit and stress free, keeping in view today’s hectic, fast and stressful lifestyle.

Here Are Few Simple Tips To Follow To Have A Healthy Heart –


Young people, generally in their 30’s, when they start their careers and family often face arduous challenges in life. This is the age when they often pick up wrong habits and at times become addict to their bad habits such as alcoholism. Drink alcohol, if you have to, only in moderation. For women more than one drink a day is not advisable.


In this age people are more prone to stress as well. One should learn to manage stress well and avoid overeating or drinking in response. Try deep breathing and make a habit of following a regular fitness regime.


One should be very cautious about heart abnormalities during pregnancy, including heart murmurs, irregular heart beats, and high blood pressure and its always advisable to report the same to your doctor immediately. These conditions are more common among pregnant women who are above 35 years of age or older. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for the mother and child both. There are certain exercises recommended which you should follow during pregnancy.


Smoking is also a major concern for heart problem. Also if you take birth control pills keep an eye on your blood pressure. The birth control pill may boost your chances of heart attack or stroke especially after 35 years of age.


If you are a smoking addict, be alarmed, quit your smoking habit before you turn 40 and add nine more years to your life. Quitting smoking also reduces your risks of heart attacks to a great extent.


Start a moderate walking regime under your planned exercises. Brisk walk gives your heart the much needed exercise to make your heart healthy and strong, besides walking is good for your overall health and it’s also not as strenuous as some other heavy exercises which you may shy away from doing.

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  1. Alfred says:

    Too much of fat especially in the waist can cause high blood cholesterol, heart disease. Stress is the another important factor for heart disease. Exercises helps to decrease stress. Women are the victims of cardis vascular disease most often than men and it’s the number 1 killer in US.

  2. Electronic Cigarette Free Trial says:

    Great post. Thanx for the good information.I hope you have a nice day!

  3. Its stronger than you can think says:

    If you know that you are not allergic to aspirin and aspirin is easily available, chew (do not swallow) an adult size tablet while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The aspirin will help to thin your blood and restore the blood supply to your heart.

  4. Its stronger than you can think says:

    Nice women’s heart attack symptoms, i think i will use it on my articles also.

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