Healthy Fitness Activities For Children

With summer here, kids need to be active in order to stay healthy and busy during their break from school. It is important to encourage your child to participate in summer sports and activities to keep them in touch with friends and children their age during the summer break.



Fitness Activities For Children To Keep Them Healthy And Fit:   

1. Soccer:

A highly active game teaches agility and teamwork and has grown increasingly popular in the U.S. To prevent injuries, be sure your child wears the appropriate protective equipment such as shin guards and to prevent slipping, players while playing soccer should wear shoes with ribbed soles or cleats.

2. Martial Arts:

A great way to get kids involved in a sport that teaches strength, coordination and mental discipline. Preventing injuries is as simple as providing proper training and equipment.

3. Bike Riding:

A healthy activity for the whole family. Have children under 10 ride on sidewalks and paths and show them good riding skills and the rules of the road. Children and parents should always wear helmets when riding bikes.

4. Swimming:

Both young and old get the benefits of full body workout from swimming. Pediatrics recommend swimming classes for children aged 4 and above, although classes are available for toddlers and babies as well. This activity lets children play and splash around with their friends and family.

5. Basketball:

Game of basketball is a good fitness activity for children as well as grown ups, it develops eye/hand coordination and teamwork. Younger children can use a foam or rubber ball and play with a lowered basketball net to encourage successful play.

6. Obstacle Courses:

Children are challenged to use a variety of different skills by setting up an obstacle      course at the park using playground equipment or other items, such as jump ropes, balls and cones. These are great for backyards, or as after school program activities.

7. Dancing:

Encourages children to be creative and move their bodies freely regardless of the style of dance. Dancing provides a great workout for children while fostering creativity and interaction with children their own age.

8. Board Sports:

Children love board sports like snowboarding, skate boarding, and surfing because of their fun and relaxed vibe. However, these sports have a much higher risk of injury. Helmets should always be worn while skateboarding and snowboarding to prevent severe head injuries and children should always be accompanied by an adult while surfing or boogie boarding.

9. Jump Rope:

Challenges both coordination and stamina whether children are on their own or in a group. Jumping rope has been a favorite on the playground for years and encourages children to create games and interact in a fun, relaxed, and non-competitive environment.

10. Ice-Skating/Inline-Skating:

Ice-skating, inline-skating and hockey can be both fun and safe for children year-round. Children should always wear protective gear appropriate for the sport and contact level. Ice-skating and hockey can also be a way for children and parents to cool down on those hot summer days.

What Are Your Views?   

We have listed some physical activities which are full of fun and they are good for children to keep them healthy and fit. What are your views about these activities? What are your ways of keeping your children fit and healthy?

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8 comments on “Healthy Fitness Activities For Children
  1. Great read, thank you. Always hunting out for unusual and wonderful stuff to read 🙂

  2. I think tennis should be added to that list. Just like soccer, you are running a lot, as well as learning hand eye coordination and how to deal with others. (usually there’s no referee, each player makes their own calls.)

    • RJSKOCHHAR says:

      Yes, tennis is another good sports activity which consumes good amount of energy and as you very rightly mentioned its also good for hand eye coordination.
      Thanks for sharing your views.

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  4. These are some great recommendations. Staying fit as an adult begins in childhood. Help your children to avoid unhealthy habits by encouraging them to become involved in one or more of these activities!

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