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Nowadays we are really so adept at knowing which foods are healthy and which are not, not to say that we did not know this in the past but there is so much literature and constant information being printed on health, that one can really heed the warning signs and learn to be health conscious. Lets discuss here some of the most important eye care tips for healthy eyes.



Diet and exercise are always mentioned alongside other factors for ensuring positivity and good health. But how often do we consider what constitutes good health for our eyes and how much importance is given to this part of the anatomy?

Look For The Warning Signs:   

One of the warning signs is repeated headaches or repeated blurred vision alongside many other factors which would necessitate an eye test at the opticians.

Just the other day I had a reminder from my optician that my eye test was due and then I thought back to the last time I had an eye examination and what it entailed.

Some of the steps involved are too clinical for me to digress at great length in this particular situation, but suffice to say that I was more than impressed with the treatment I received when I had a medical eye test as it involved many levels.

One was when my optician made me stare into a machine which gave a burst on the eyeball apparently to measure the pressure on the eyeball itself and other examinations were conducted to ensure that my eyes were in good condition. The lenses I chose were also clearly explained to me in terms of how they helped my vision both for reading and for longer distances or for driving and I was satisfied with the final product. In terms of health, what are some of the things we can do to promote good eyesight?

Vitamins For Healthy Eyes:  

One of the best forms of advice I remember from my science and cookery lessons were the different vitamin intakes and how they contributed to good health and one of them was drinking carrot juice or alternatively to eat carrots to help eyesight. My mother used to blend carrots every week in a blender and comment on the vitamins and how they would help my eyesight and I would drink copiously from this wonderful vegetable to try to ensure that I had done the best I could to improve my vision. According to research there are a whole host of food groups that contain the right minerals and vitamins which are beneficial to good health.

These are just some of the top choices:

  • Blueberries
  • Spinach
  • Oysters

In addition to this, drinking enough water particularly when one is exposed to heating which can dry out the air and contribute to eyes feeling tired as moisture is essential especially if one wears contact lenses. Research shows that daily amounts of vitamin C are essential for healthy eyes and because the body does not store vitamin C, it is important to include it in one daily diet as it may prevent cataracts and a host of other problems. Vitamin C conjures up lovely imagery of fruits such as papaya, guava, strawberries, raspberries and for those countries where these fruits grow in abundance, the health benefits for one’s eyesight are indescribable. However, even certain vegetables contain vitamin c such as Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts , Broccoli as well as Bell peppers which are all readily available from the local markets or high street stores.

Vitamin A – Foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and apricots [orange foods] assist in good eye health preventing progressive eye diseases. If you have difficulty seeing in the dark, this may be an indication that your body is deficient in vitamin A and this would show up as one of the signs of why you experience night blindness as it is known.

Vitamin B –It is also important in the diet intake to ensure one does not suffer vision loss as we approach the age of 65 onwards where very often all kinds of health problems could emerge if sufficient vitamins beneficial to good eyesight were not included in the diet.

However, it is always good to bear in mind that anything done in excess can also be damaging to one’s health so the idea is to know how much of each vitamin is needed, in order to ensure one does not take in more than the necessary quota of relevant vitamins into one’s daily diet.

I also found that getting the right amount of sleep ensures bright eyes and resting one’s eyes at intervals if one is using a computer a large proportion of the day. This advice, in addition to health checks at the optician to ensure that regular checks are done to screen for any medical issues is a preventative way of ensuring good eye health.

What Care Do You Take To Have Healthy Eyes?  

We have shared some eye care tips to ensure healthy eyes for you. I am sure you must be having lot more to share. Please share your eye care tips to keep your eyes healthy.

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  1. aiswarya says:

    it is very nice, all of you try it,and keep our eyes good

  2. Mat Good says:

    Great article, lots of useful information. Whole day behind the computer really makes your eyes tired. It is very important to rest your eyes at least five minutes after every hour. Look outside the window to distance or close your eyes for minute or two. These simple tips also help to protect and rest you eyes.
    Best Regards
    Mat Good

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