How To Form A Healthy Exercise Regime

Present day’s lifestyle is challenging enough for our mental health and fitness, so the BIG question is how to maintain a healthy exercise regime. Every one of us is suffering from one or other disease. The most common diseases are still those that can be prevented or improved through regular exercise regime. Regular exercise regime is necessary to maintain physical and mental health. Exercise helps to prevent diseases, heals injuries and removes stress, anxiety, depression and other health related problems.

Benefits Of A Healthy Exercise Regime:

Regular and healthy exercise regime can help you avoid heart disease, thyroid problems, breast cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, back pain, body pain and more. It helps you deal with various mental, emotional and psychological conditions of your body. Even some exercises have been identified to be helpful during and after pregnancy.

If you are not used to a regular exercises  or if you have taken a long break in between, start slow and short first then grow gradually.

Besides some known benefits like fitness, happiness, stamina booster, stress relief etc. indulging in regular exercises also helps you avoid some complicated disease and improves living conditions.

Healthy Exercise Regime

Motivation For Regular Exercises

Heart Disease And Stroke:

Daily physical exercise strengthens your heart muscles, controls blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, regulates blood flow and improves your heart’s working capacity thus keeps you away from general heart diseases like blockage, and strokes.

High Blood Pressure:

Daily exercises  burns fats and controls higher blood pressure to a normal level.


Maintained blood pressure also helps you control diabetic situation and disasters.

Body Pain:

Daily exercise regime increases flexibility, removes pressure and stiffness from muscles, improves blood flow and relieves any muscular pain in the body.


Regular exercise is a good fat burner to keep you fit and fine; your self help weight loss program as discussed by me in my earlier posts.

Psychological Benefits Of A Healthy Exercise Regime:

Regular healthy exercise regime revives nervous system, changes moods and raises adrenalin to boost your confidence and spirit. It’s a good stress reliever.

There are different types of exercise that one could practice like light exercises, aerobic fitness and flexibility, hard exercise for body building.

We will discuss some common light exercises that can be part of your daily fitness regime and are easy to perform and best to keep you fit and healthy.

( 1 ) Walking:

30 to 60 minutes morning walk is a good recharge for your body, mind and spirit. Walking prevents weight gain, reduces risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even impotency in some cases. It improves your brain power and keeps your mind and mood fresh and active and speeds up recovery from any other illness or injury.

( 2 ) Cycling:

If you are not getting enough time to take morning exercise due to busy schedule, cycling can rescue you from a lot of diseases and help you save a lot of time from traffic jams on your way to work or somewhere else. Cycling is also helpful in all the above diseases.

( 3 ) Swimming:

For those who enjoy it, and those with physical limitations, swimming is the best alternate of on-ground aerobics and other physical activities. This is a whole-body exercise that involves all major muscle groups including shoulders, back abdominal, legs and hips hence it can be a part of your daily exercise regimen. This is a good fitness mantra for people with arthritis or other disabilities.

Patients of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or heart disease should consult their doctors about safe and healthy exercise regime to maintain proper health and fitness. For other normal persons 20 to 30 minutes of light exercise activities like walking, jogging, cycling or swimming are considered to be the best for staying healthy and fit. You can further add some aerobic activities if you feel comfortable into your exercise schedule.

Share with readers the healthy exercise regime that you follow to keep yourself healthy and fit. Put your comments to share your tips on the subject.

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