Healthy Diet For The Pregnant Mother

For a woman, giving birth to a child is one of the most beautiful emotions bestowed on her by God. And, when, giving birth means, another soul coming into the world, it surely marks some very important precautions to be taken for it’s the care of both: the mother and the child that a healthy baby is born and to achieve this a healthy diet for the pregnant mother is very essential. That is why, that period of 9 months of pregnancy is said to be the prime determinant of the would be born’s wellness depending on the fitness of the mother.

Healthy Diet For The Pregnant Mother

Healthy Diet For The Pregnant Mother

So, the eating habits play the most vital role during the neonatal period. Beginning with the vitamins to minerals, proteins and fats, the correct decent amount of every micro and macro nutrient should be incorporated. What is more important is that excessive of eating the same nutrients might cause fetal malfunctions, and hence maximum of every dietary intake is to be kept a watch on.

A Healthy Diet For The Pregnant Mother  Should Include The Following –


A pregnant woman should include in her diet a vitamin A source for that will take care of the mental build up of the child. It could be in form of apricots, spinach, turnip or even carrots and sweet potato. Loads of legumes, leafy vegetables each day will supplement folic acid in the diet and keep neural defects at bay. Vitamin C in form of fruits like strawberries, grapes, oranges, lemons should be included in the diet for fulfilling the needed 75mg.

Iron And Calcium:    

Iron should be included in proper measuring which will take care of the hemoglobin and blood purification process of both the mother and the fetus. Calcium requisites should be fulfilled to up to 1300mg a day by the mother for this intake takes care of the physical well being and provides strength to the bones.

This was all that should be a mandatory in the diet but what about the items that should be averted.

What You Should Avoid:    

Well starting with smoking and alcohol first. These two items are a strict no-no for any pregnant woman. Recent researches have shown that alcohol in even the minutest quantities can become a reason for a child’s deformity at congenital stage. Drinking can also make the would be born retarded. A whooping blow of effects can hamper the child forever. The pregnant women should stop binging on drinking and rather take supplements of Folic acid to keep the child mentally fine. What comes next is Caffeine. Extravagant overweening use of caffeine puts both the mother and the fetus to very high risks of ailments. Not only can it result in low weight but also cause hypertension or even a miscarriage in severe cases.

Moreover more and more of unpasteurized and unboiled products should be avoided for the bacteria that grow in them step-up the chances of untimely birth or even stillbirth. Artificial sweeteners like saccharin, ready to eat products like hamburgers and even excessive soft-drinks with lot off soda content should be avoided as gorging on them gluttonously can be malignant.

So, in all, if a happy, healthy baby is to be born, the mother has to take care of her diet that she follows and keep an active exercise regime during pregnancy.

In a nutshell, it becomes favorable to have all the sips towards the face of precaution and thus avoid any mishappenings or losses.

Do Share Your Views: 

What healthy diet for the pregnant mother would you recommend? How important do you consider a good and healthy diet is for the pregnant mother and the child to be born?

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3 comments on “Healthy Diet For The Pregnant Mother
  1. Kate says:

    One common myth many people think is that pregnant women should eat for two but a certified nutritionist will tell you that is not true. Find out from your doctor how calories you require, whether you are in pregnancy week 8 or 16.
    Kate´s last post…..Better Job, More JobsMy Profile

  2. Healthy Living says:

    Thanks for the post! Some other tips on foods to avoid during pregnancy include: abstaining from eating raw fish, sushi, sashimi from unreliable places and also any soft cheeses, which are an unpasteurized – brie, camembert, feta, or blue-veined, such as Roquefort.
    Staying away from raw or undercooked meat, pate or eggs because of the danger of getting a food borne illness. Limiting much canned tuna and shark or swordfish, which may have an excessive content of mercury.
    Eating fresh and very well washed vegetables and fruits, and limiting the consumption of fat, and decreasing the cholesterol when pregnant is crucial not only for the baby, but for avoiding hypertension and gestational diabetes, which are common pregnancy complications.

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