Healthy Breakfast For Your Health

As its been said – ‘breakfast is the most important diet of the day’ it in fact means so. You may wonder, but if you start your day with a healthy breakfast you are there for a great day ahead. There are tremendous health benefits of breakfast, which not only includes enhancing your energy levels and concentration in studies or at work but healthy breakfast also aids in losing weight to help you maintain a healthy weight.

Start Your Day With Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

Studies suggest that breakfast eaters are leaner than those who skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast consisting of high fiber cereal helps in losing weight at the same time it is also beneficial in controlling diabetes and heart diseases and keeping a stroke away.

Health Benefits Of Breakfast:

(1)   Healthy Breakfast Helps To Control Weight Gain:

Breakfast aids in controlling weight gain. Studies show having a healthy breakfast keeps your hunger pangs at bay and you do not tend to indulge in unnecessary, unhealthy snacking in between the meals which leads to weight gain and obesity. If you skip the breakfast you end up overeating at lunch and other meals which increases your total calorie intake. It’s worth mentioning here most of the studies show that when you eat a healthy breakfast, you are in a better position to control your weight by choosing a balanced diet for your breakfast. Mind you when we say ‘healthy breakfast’ we mean a meal consisting of protein and whole grains and not meals full of fats and calories.

(2)   Healthy Breakfast Improves Concentration:

A healthy breakfast improves your concentration and performance at work or college. It gives you the required energy to push start your day energetically and enthusiastically.

(3)   Healthy Breakfast Improves Your Metabolism:

Your metabolism improves when you start your day with the day’s first healthy meal in the morning. Healthy breakfast gives your metabolism a boost.

What Should Be The Healthy Breakfast?

Breakfast should have high fiber diet but it should not be limited to that. You may opt for whole grain breads for toasts and Trans fat free margarines. An egg may also be included in your breakfast twice or thrice a week, make sure to prepare it in low fat oil such as olive oil. Eggs contain protein which helps you keep full until lunch time. In a research conducted at Pennington Biomedical research Center, researchers compared weight loss in women who ate either two eggs or a bagel for breakfast having equal calories and volume. It was observed that overweight women who ate two eggs for breakfast five times a week for eight weeks as compared to bagel eaters lost 65% more weight, reduced waistline by 83%, had no significant difference in their blood cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels and reported high energy levels.

But is the cholesterol in eggs good or bad? The research further shows that none of the women had increases in blood lipids which confirm that healthy adults with low fat diets can have eggs without having the risk of heart diseases. Studies have also suggested that people who add lean protein in their breakfast feel less hungry than people who ate breakfast without protein.

Cereals For Breakfast:

Including cereals in your breakfast helps you to maintain a healthy body weight. A study at Harvard points out those men who ate cereals in breakfast weighed less than the men who ate breakfast without cereals.

Some Quick Healthy Breakfast Choices For You:

  • A banana with a hard boiled egg
  • Fresh fruit with a low fat yogurt
  • Whole grain cereal with low fat milk and fresh fruit
  • Smoothie made with low fat yogurt and fruit
  • Resin and nuts, with oatmeal made with skimmed milk

What Are your Choices For Healthy Breakfast?

Do write to us about your healthy breakfast choices.  Do you consider breakfast as an important meal for health? We await your comments below.

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2 comments on “Healthy Breakfast For Your Health
  1. Jaswinder says:

    Very informative post, because breakfast is most important food for the day to start our day with healthy breakfast after an interval between dinner and breakfast.

    I have seen people don’t eat morning food and just eat some snacks or coffee something like that, which is not healthy for our body at all.

    thanks for the valuable information.

    • Ravi Kochhar says:

      Yes Jaswinder, breakfast is the most important food of the day and one should never neglect or avoid it. People often skip breakfast so as to lose or maintain weight so to say but that is absolutely wrong and it just does more harm than any good to them.

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