How To Combat Cell Phone Radiation?

There’s much more news in the media lately about this potential hazard to your health and over 2,000 studies have been done which show electromagnetic radiation is a definite health hazard. Below are 12 health tips to help you combat cell phone radiation.

(1) Don’t Allow Kids To Use Cell Phones:  

If there’s an emergency, then of course they should call you. Children have lower body weights, developing organs, lower skull bone density and brain blood barriers. This all contributes to a higher risk from EM radiation to children.

(2) Limit Your Call Minutes:  

When using your phone, limit your minutes during calls. The longer you’re on the cell phone, the more you’re exposed to its risks.

(3) Hold Your Phone Away From Your Ear:  

The further you hold the phone from your head the better. If you can use your speakerphone function — do so. If you have to hold the phone to your ear, keep the back of it away from your head as much as you can. Get a tube kit as this form of hands-free gadget for your phone is better for you than close use of the cell phone.

(4) Wait Couple Of Seconds To Answer Your Call:   

Wait a couple of seconds for the person on the other end of the “line” to answer, before placing the phone next to your ear. Do the same if the call is incoming. The cell phone is at maximum power at the beginning of the call.



(5) Don’t Carry Your Phone In Your Pocket:  

Men can use a cell phone case with radiation shield and women may slip the phone into their purse which can be held away from the body.

(6) Use Your Phone Under Ideal Signal Conditions:  

Try and use your phone under ideal reception conditions. If you’re in a basement, underground or elevator, the phone emits more radiation as it’s trying its hardest to find a good cell tower signal for you. If your phone shows low signal strength then try not to use it, as it has been shown that low strength means much more radiation is being put out.

(7) Try Not To Use Your Cell Phone While You Are Mobile:  

When you are in a moving vehicle, it’s not an optimum time to try and make calls. The cell phone is scanning and scanning means it is trying to make contact, the radiation is intensified.

(8) Avoid Using Phone In your Parked Car:  

While you’re in your parked car is another bad time to use your cell phone. An enclosed metal container (your auto) lets microwave signals bounce back and forth. This is called the Faraday cage effect. If you are in the middle of this, then you will absorb more radiation than in the open air.

(9) Do Not Keep Your Cell Phone Next To Yourself While Sleeping:  

Don’t sleep next to a turned-on cell phone. Make sure you leave it out of the bedroom at night that way if it is switched on it won’t harm you. If you are right next to your cell phone at night when it is switched on then not only will you absorb more radiation, your immune system will be heavily taxed and you will find yourself much more prone to illness and fatigue generally.

(10) Don’t Chat Long On Cell Phone When Unwell:  

If you are sick or tired, don’t be on the cell phone chatting for hours. Seniors and pregnant women shouldn’t use cell phones much, if at all. If your immune system is less than optimal then the radiation will affect you even more. Also, amniotic fluid is definitely not conducive to EM radiation, so if you are pregnant its best to give yourself a rest from your cell phone. If you have any metal in or on your head (glasses), you should avoid using the cell phone as much as possible.

(11) Buy Lower SAR Cell Phone: 

Go for the lowest SAR rating when you purchase a phone. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate of microwave radiation, as it pertains to the human body. In the US this rating is set at 1.6 watts per kilo, in theory if you use a phone with a lower SAR for the same time as a high SAR phone you will absorb less radiation.

(12) Use Texting Service More: 

Use texting over voice. It takes seconds to transmit a long text message and many minutes longer via voice to hold a conversation. This limits the amount of radiation exposure.

Cell phone radiation is only a small part of the EM landscape of life. Your overall exposure to electromagnetic fields is the entire painting. EM pollution is increasing on a daily basis, in our homes and outside. Achieving optimum health means taking steps today to safeguard you and your family from this invisible danger.

Do You Take The Precautions To Combat Cell Phone Radiation?  

Do let us know your ways of protecting yourself from cell phone radiation by putting your comments below.

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