Common Symptoms For Health Problems

Regular health check up is what is recommended for a proper health care, because serious health problems arise out of common symptoms, which often people tend to ignore thinking to be a minor cause.  Regular health check up is the answer for a healthy and fit life. One should be aware of common symptoms for health problems in order to take proper medical attention in time to treat the cause well in time. Men neglect their health, and take all those aches and pains as general fatigue and overlook the issue. Its often easy to get away with excuses when one is young, but as one age, it could mean something serious and worse. There are certain common symptoms which should not be ignored and should be given proper and timely medical attention if they persist.



Watch out for the following health symptoms which could signal a health problem:

  • Passing Blood In Urine:   

Proper and routine check should be done to ascertain that there is no blood in urine or stool. If there are traces of blood in urine or stool, it could mean some serious health problem. Kidney stones, cysts, or infection can cause cancer of the kidneys or bladder.

  • Short Of Breath:

After a physical activity such as playing some sport or jogging, one does feel tired, but if you feel breathless even while lying on bed or simply climbing just couple of stairs, its an alarming signal and you should consult your physician. It could be a sign of heart problem and should not be ignored at any cost.

  • Scars On Skin:

Often people ignore scars or wounds on skin, thing to be a common issue. Ulcers or wounds on skin that don’t heal within few days should be treated seriously as that could be a symptom of circulation problem.

  • Pain In Chest:

Chest pain could be a symptom of one of the major problems – Heart Attack. If you ever feel pain in chest, rush to your physician without wasting time as that could be a sign of heart attack. Pain in arm, jaw along with sweating and shortness of breath should be immediately taken care of and a doctor should be consulted. If one feels exhausted after a rigorous exercise, this means that the heart is not getting enough blood.

  • Frequent Urination:

Passing urine quite frequently, or having pain in passing urine could be a symptom of an enlarged prostate. Prostate gland gets enlarged as men age and can cause benign prostatic hyperplasia. If this tendency is identified in time, you can prevent the progression of the disease. These symptoms could also be of prostate cancer. Frequent visits to pass urine could also be a symptom of diabetes.

  • Loosing Weight Suddenly:

Though there are people trying desperately to loose weight, there are some who loose weight suddenly without attempting to do so, even if their eating routine and lifestyle routine remain unchanged. If this is the case, it could be a symptom for overactive thyroid gland. Get a check up done for thyroid.

  • Swelling In Leg:

Swelling in leg should not be ignored, thinking it to be a temporary and minor problem. Swelling could be a symptom of fluid accumulation in your legs, ankles or feet, which could be a sign of liver, kidney or heart disease. There are medications to prevent and reduce swelling, but first the exact cause should be found out by conducting tests by a doctor.

Take care and be aware of the above mentioned common symptoms for health problems, for these can guide you to take preventive actions and you can avoid certain major health care issues to happen in future.

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