Health Benefits Of Papayas

Papaya is a fruit which is packed with number of health benefits for us. Papaya is a very common fruit and the best part is it is available through out the year. Papaya is good for overall health and is specially considered good for stomach and is helpful in digestion.

Here Are The Health Benefits Of Papayas:

  • Papaya juice is very helpful in curing the infections of colon and can break down mucus that is reached by the juice.
  • Papayas help in healing from burns and reducing inflammation. Papayas are rich in digestive enzymes therefore they are excellent for digesting your food and prevent constipation. In fact if you are suffering from constipation, eat papaya for two to three days regularly and you will feel the magical difference – you will be relieved of constipation completely.


  • Papaya is rich in three essential antioxidants like vitamins C, E and A. These nutrients prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Papayas also help in preventing diabetic heart disease.
  • Papayas are also rich in fibre, therefore it is known to lower high cholesterol levels. Folic acid found in papayas converts a substance called homocysteine into benign amino acids. When it remains unconverted, homocysteine can directly damage blood vessel walls and when level get too high, can cause a stroke or even a heart attack.
  • Looking  for a remedy for nausea? Do not worry, just grab a papaya and have it. Papaya will help ease morning sickness as well as motion sickness.
  • Papaya contains lot of essential vitamins to strengthen our immune system. Papaya contains vitamins A and C which is required for proper functioning of a healthy immune system. Papaya also helps in preventing illnesses like the common cold, flu and even ear infections.

Having seen the enormous health benefits of papayas, don’t forget to include it in your daily diet. You can have papaya in the form of juice or you can simply have pieces of papaya in fruit salad. It’s better if you start your day with papaya, just cut it into small pieces sprinkle some salt and fresh lime juice and have it in your breakfast. You can have papaya in any form you like it, but make sure that your have papayas in your daily diet and you will feel that you have cured some common ailments in a natural way.

Do Discuss Your Views:

I have mentioned some of the health benefits of this great fruit, do you know some more health benefits of papaya which I have missed out above? Please feel free to add them by putting your comments here, it would be much appreciated if you share any more health benefits of papayas with us.

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19 comments on “Health Benefits Of Papayas
  1. homemade remedies says:

    This is really an interesting post about papaya. Will surely share this one among my friends. I have known that papaya is a good source of fiber and prevents constipation but didn’t know that it relieves motion sickness. Thanks for posting! Would love to browse through your other topics. 🙂
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  2. Reta Tamazya says:

    I find a good improvement in your publishing, I’d like to get in touch. Maintain the wonderful work! Your composing is incredibly motivational for someone who’s new to this type of information.

  3. decaf tea says:

    I’m very excited about your next post. Thanks again for making such high quality content.

  4. Cho Yung Tea says:

    Fascinating and it could be interesting seeing what people have to add.

  5. lose inches says:

    Great port of this blog Health and Fitness care
    Papaya, banana and lemon and water melon these are very common fruit vitamins C, E and A. These nutrients. Thanks lot.

  6. Acne and psoriasis can be treated with unripe papaya juice.
    You can also eat unripe papaya in salad.
    Natural Acne Cure´s last post…..Acne Diet Link Exposed- Is There an Acne Cure Diet That WorksMy Profile

  7. New York Limousine Services says:

    I think is the tastiest fruit. It always helps satisfy my sweet tooth and quench my throat…I guess cause it has just enough suger and a lot of water in it.

  8. Anne @ digestive enzymes supplement says:

    Hello RJS KOCHHAR, you have a great post. Papaya really has so many health benefits that is why this fruit is one of my family’s favorites. Aside from that, papaya also has many beauty benefits. My friend uses a soap made in papaya and she finds it very helpful to her skin. Again, thanks for sharing this very informative post. It’s very nice!
    Anne @ digestive enzymes supplement´s last post…..Digestive Enzymes SupplementMy Profile

  9. Gordon Drago says:

    Just make sure that if your allergic to almonds that you be careful with papayas as they are the same family.

  10. First of all thanks for the nice article!
    I think Papaya, banana and lemon and watermelon these are very common fruit s full of vitamins C, E and A. Nutrients & antioxidants.

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