Health Benefits Of Losing Weight

Over the years, the number of obese individuals has significantly increased. In fact, more than 50% of Americans are overweight. Having that excess weight on your body can affect a number of aspects of your life including sexual drive, sleeping patterns, your mood as well as your overall health since you are at higher risk of a number of ailments and diseases. Some of these diseases include cancer, diabetes as well as heart disease.



Majority of the experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise at a minimum of three times per week. Then, in combination with a significantly healthy diet can help you lose weight effectively.

There are numerous health benefits of losing weight, check them out below.

Reduced Risk Of Cancer:   

While not all forms of cancer are linked to obesity, some forms are linked to being overweight. Overweight women are more prone to breast cancer, cervical cancer and ovarian cancer while obese men are more at risk of developing prostate and colon cancer. Further, individuals that gain about 20 pounds (or more!) before they are middle aged, their risk is doubled in developing cancer. Get fit today with a healthy diet and exercise regimen to reduce your chances of developing a form of cancer later down the road.

Reduced Chances For Diabetes: 

Diabetes is a disease that is often found in overweight individuals, as well as those that are not, but the majority are obese. However, when you pack on an additional 10 to 20 pounds or so, you are increasing your chance of getting Type II Diabetes. Diabetes, when not treated, can result in a number of health deficiencies such as heart disease, kidney damage, damage to your nerves as well as problems with your vision. Lower your weight before it’s too late.

Other Ailments:   

In addition to cancer and diabetes, overweight people can also develop heart disease, hypertension, joint complications, high cholesterol as well as difficulties breathing. By being overweight, your chance of developing hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is doubled. Lose a few pounds and improve your chance of fighting these ailments off.

Improved Sleep Patterns:  

Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders are more common in overweight individuals than those that maintain a healthy weight. Sleep apnea affects your breathing, and when left untreated, can turn into a number of other problems such as heart failure and hypertension. Improve your sleeping by starting yourself on a healthy diet and getting on track with a simple exercise regimen.

All of these issues are very serious and very true. If you are overweight and are struggling with health issues, you need to get help soon. Don’t let the issues turn into more than they have to. Get help with a diet plan and exercise routine and get started shedding those pounds today. You’ll decrease your chances of diseases while improving your overall energy and body function. Just a few pounds can do more than you would think.

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6 comments on “Health Benefits Of Losing Weight
  1. The trick, in my view, to establishing a healthy lifestyle such as you propose in your excellent post is to establish a consistent workout routine. Even if only 30 minutes 3 times per week of walking is a great start. Once the routine is established, which takes about a month, then you get motivated to make other changes to complement the active lifestyle such as eating a little better. In time, before one realizes it, they eat better, workout regularly and are healthier.

  2. Ernest @ weight loss drops says:

    I definitely agree on this. Exercise and proper diet will definitely take us away from different illnesses. And I also agree on your changing the sleeping patterns or improving it. Complete hours of sleep is definitely needed for us to have an active lifestyle.

  3. Gordon Drago says:

    People just have to set there priority’s better. Health should be the most important thing in there life.

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