Chewing Gum Health Benefits And Risks

Chewing gum while we are at work or otherwise is a common habit. Though there are several chewing gum health benefits, there are certain chewing gum health risks also associated with it.  In the 21st century, we all live pretty hectic lives. And because of this, we humans have invented contraptions which are meant to reduce the amount of time which we spend on otherwise lengthy activities. The washing machine was designed to cut down on many back-breaking hours spent scrubbing our clothes using a washboard. Or how about the trusty car? To think of all those millenniums we spent walking or on horseback when we can now travel vast distances in the space of hours.

Chewing Gum Health Benefits

Chewing Gum Health Benefits

But what about other inventions which have made it onto the high street? Not all of these reduce several hours from our daily lives but actions which only take a few minutes with the said invention reducing this to mere seconds. What about the remote control?

Health Benefits Of Chewing Gum:   

First commercially produced in September 1848 by John Curtis on his own stove in Maine which was sold as “State of Maine Pure Spruce Gum”, this popular item has become one of the most recognisable items around. During World War Two, the chewing gum which American soldiers bought into the UK was very exotic and soon it seemed like every child wanted their own piece of gum. To this day, sporting figures in England are seen to be chewing gum through what seems like a gallon of the stuff with the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson being a prime example of so. With so much chewing happening, you might wonder that with this increasing amount of time spent on such an activity is there any chewing gum health benefits at all?

With the advent of sugar free gum, the reduction of sugar in a product which is used extensively by some people can only be for the power of good. A recent article on Better Oral Health raised many points which seemed to promote the idea that Wrigley’s sugar free gum is healthy for you. According to this, chewing sugar free gum produces ten times the normal amount of saliva that helps wash away excess food from the mouth, chewing for up to twenty minutes a day contributes towards the reduction of tooth decay by up to 40% and that this product is not tested on animals at all. With some scientific facts included in the article, it makes a very strong case for health benefits of chewing sugar free gum.

Surely There Must Be Some Chewing Gum Health Risks Also?    

A 2008 article in “NewScientist” seems to challenge the claims made in the previous story. It claims that a gastroenterologist in Berlin, Germany were referred two patients who were experiencing drastic health issues such as weight loss and horrific Diarrhoea. After questioning, one of the patients admitted to having chomped down twenty sticks of gum combined with 200g of sweets. The article claims that as each chewing gum stick contains 1.25g of sorbitol (a sugar alcohol which if consumed in large amounts can result in laxative effects) consuming large amounts of this is not good for your health. When the two patients were put on a sorbitol-free diet, their symptoms were no more and they started to gain weight. Ending the article, it leaves with a quote saying that there is no nutritional gain to consuming sugar free gum.

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So what do you think about the points raised here? Are you a rampant chewer? Or, do you go out of your way to avoid sugar free gum? Hope the article has given you a reasonable insight into the chewing gum health benefits. Send us your valuable comments and let us know what you think.

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  1. Rennie says:

    Twenty sticks of gum is obviously too many, and 200g of lollies certainly doesn’t help! I was hoping for more info on things that may happen for normal use, perhaps due to more time spent chewing a tiny piece of gum or the effects of sorbitol when taken in normal usage. 🙂

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