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A good health is our birth right. We must strive for and achieve it. There is no age limit to regain your vigor and vitality. Its like ‘Dawn is when you wake up’. But health care for senior citizens need a bit more of care in choosing the right form of senior health and fitness exercises. Elderly health care or senior health and fitness program often prescribed or recommended are a bit different, rather they are a simplified type of exercise to regain or maintain health and wellness. You will get better benefits from your efforts if you follow these advices. It doesn’t mean that you should not carry out some exercises or others but you are suggested of their alternates to execute them without hurting yourself.



The concept is that elderly people, especially non-exercise performers, typically, develop some common health problems like arthritis, obesity, posture deformity, stiffness, blood pressure, reduced bone strength, etc. which need to be properly cared and provided for in your daily health care for senior citizens or you may experience some adverse effects.

Everyone can and should perform exercise, no matter what age you are. Senior persons are administered different workout programs than young and teens that are especially designed for seniors’ fitness. If you have any type of problem in your body, or if you have a notion of having it, you must let your physical instructor know about it in advance. Do what your doctor recommends and never indulge in any form of deviation from the schedule for an irregular or improper movement might cause a life-long damage to your body.

The  senior health conscious persons understand the importance of their doctor’s advice and recover from various severe diseases like blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression and many other known unknown diseases. It improves eyesight and many people do not need their optics after proper and regular seniors’ health and fitness programs. Exercises increase metabolism, and fortify your immune system to help you sustain more confidently in whatever you do. You recover from most of the diseases and keep possibilities of others at bay.

The best elderly health or seniors’ health exercises, and of course for others as well, are early morning walk, jogging, breathing exercise, swimming for approx 20 minutes a day. If you want to join a gym, you must abide by instructions from elderly health and wellness expert, without exception. If you have not been exercising for quite some time, the best advice is to start slow and increase gradually. If you take a full doze of exercise on very first day it self, you might experience acute pain in limbs and may even decide against returning to it.

Yoga is a very refined and improved method of life science which consists of simple but most effective way of performing muscular motions to achieve blissful state. But, again, you need a good instructor before you zero in on Yoga. The best mantra in Yogic exercises is do not force your body in any pasture, do what you can do easily and let your body improve to a normal stage slowly. Slow and steady is the first rule to follow in any seniors’ health and fitness program to achieve health through exercise.

Therefore I highly suggest that elderly persons must formulate a balanced health care for senior citizens in consultation with their physician to attain good health and fitness by following a proper senior health and fitness exercises.

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