Hair Transplant – Healthy Hair on Your Crown

Hair transplant comes as one of the option for people fed up with their hair loss problem and are looking for a solution to it. Hair Loss is a growing concern among new age people all over the world. More than 85 million people (men and women both of all age groups, especially young) are suffering from hair loss. There are some eccentric persons who would prefer go bald to adopt any hair treatment or hair transplant that prevents hair loss. They, in fact, do not give a damn to their looks and do not mind looking older than that they really are. But, those who are really concerned about their hair loss problems and want to control it by giving all they can, will get some useful advice here.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant: Healthy Hair After Hair Loss

Hair transplantation is one of the most developed and demanded field of health industry. Here lies some useful information about crown balding and its cure.

First, a common cause of hair loss is change in hormones, thyroid disorders or side effect of any other chemical treatment. Find out if this is your case, too. If so, you do not need any treatment to prevent hair loss. It would automatically be cured once your hormones return to normality.

The most scaring and inevitable factor of baldness is that it is genetic. In this case hair follicles shrink and stop producing new hair. This is DHT (Dihydrotestostrone) reaction of male Androgen hormones with 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. The DHT hampers blood supply to the follicles and cause them to go barren. Most people can not help this situation and just become a helpless witness of their baldness.

But, there are some die hard type of persons who want to leave no stone unturned to get over their baldness and some luckier of them do succeed, partly or fully. The common methods include hair oil, pills and hair transplant therapy. The efficiency of these treatments may vary from person to person. Chances are that, some people may get very encouraging results from one method while some people may get good result from some other method. It depends on the history of the persons problem and how effectively it is treated by the professional.

Hair Transplant is costly and recurring affair, as it does nothing to improve DHT status. Some people do find pills somewhat helpful in hair treatment, but, again, they are costly and have their own side effects, too. Depression, Infertility, Low Libido etc are the known side effects of hair treatment pills.

The health experts have been successful in discovering a hair treatment with anti DHT properties and improve blood circulation. It refreshes even dead hair follicles and help in new hair production. All you need is to properly take the treatment and have patience. It’s not a magic. Your hair starts growing gradually, exactly the way they had fallen.

You can find more information about anti DHT hair loss treatment solutions from hair care professionals and even talk to users before you really adopt it. There are some other natural hair treatments that people find helpful, like Yoga exercises, diet control, health and fitness regime and some improved hair transplant methods are also there. Those who look for a solution do get it.

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    Awesome read. Loved it!

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    This is an awful problem to have and it is very difficult to find good posts. Well done for having such an informative blog.

  6. Robert Ahmed says:

    my dad recently got a Hair Transplant, it was very expensive but the results are worth it.*~;

  7. Etsuko Billingsley says:

    my wife started to lose her hair after we had our first baby about 6 months ago, which was heart breaking, she had the thickest most beautiful hair I have ever seen, we are looking into a scalp reduction to fix it.

  8. Edan Barak says:

    I have been looking for this kind of a post for a long time as I have been in this profession for as long as 6yrs. I have been researching on Hair Transplantation and this post has been a lot of help to me.
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  10. criss says:

    Hair loss is a problem that affects a greater percentage of men than it does women. This seems to be an easy solution to the problem

  11. RJS KOCHHAR says:

    Thanks for sharing your views. Even if the new hair follicles are taken from such areas of body where they are genetically not sensitive to DHT, still the success rate would vary from person to person. The best alternative would be to consider a hair treatment with anti DHT properties.

  12. genesispac says:

    Natural treatment like herbal plants and mild shampoo can do for preventing hair loss.
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