Some Great Hair Straightening Methods For You

Straight hair has been coming in and out of style for years, leaving women looking for ways to easily get their hair pin straight and smooth. There are many different hair straightening methods to get  super sleek hair. You can create sleek strands by using different hair straightening methods, blow dryers, or hair straighteners. No matter which type of method you choose make sure that you look into it so that you pick one that is safe and appropriate for your type of hair.

Here are a few of the most popular hair straightening methods for achieving smoother, straighter hair:

Japanese Hair Straightening:          

Japanese hair straightening method is a super popular technique used for permanent hair straightening. Many hair straightening methods now contain ion technology and this particular treatment utilizes the use of ions in repairing and strengthening hair. This process is also commonly referred to as Bio Ionic-Retexturizing or Thermal Reconditioning. It uses the natural ion complex to safely straighten any type of hair without causing damage. Some hair straightening methods break down the hair to get it to submit to a straighter texture, but this method reaches deep down into the hair through the use of ions to restructure hair from within without damage. This product is suitable for the majority of chemically processed hair types.



Botanical Products:      

There are also botanical products that can be used to help create smoother, softer hair. Hair care treatments like the Zerran Reallisse natural hair smoothing system temporarily create smoother hair for up to 4 months without using damaging chemicals. This particular product is 100% vegan as it is formulated with wheat, corn, and oat proteins. Since this is a professional product it must be applied in a salon environment but there are absolutely no chemicals or unpleasant fumes. This product is so gentle it can even be used on bleached hair. This hair straightening method will greatly improve the texture of hair and make it much easier to maintain.

Blow Dryer:  

Using a blow dryer is a great hair straightening method to straighten hair while creating volume. While hair is still damp apply a heat protectant product all over and a volumizing product at the roots. Use a round brush at the roots and lift upwards while concentrating the air flow on the roots to lock in volume. Use a flat brush at the ends to help create a smooth, shiny hair finish. Using this hair straightening method in conjunction with a straightening iron will create pin straight hair that doesn’t fall flat.

Hair Straightening Iron:        

When using a hair straightening iron to create sleek hair it is very important to protect your hair from heat damage so make sure that you use a really great heat protecting product to eliminate dry, stressed out hair. Begin by creating sections starting at the bottom and pinning the top portion up. Start at the root and run your hair through the straightening iron. If you have very tangled or curly hair, run a fine-toothed comb through your hair while you are straightening it. Gradually take down more hair from the top until you have straightened all of your hair. Apply a shine product all over to leave hair looking and feeling healthy. By following these simple steps you will be able to achieve a sleek, sophisticated style without damaging or over drying hair.

Which Hair Straightening Methods Do You Use?      

What is your choice of hair straightening methods from the list above? If you already use one of them, what is your experience? Do share with us.

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