Hair Loss Due To Anaemia

Anaemia can be one of the causes for hair loss. Anaemia is a condition where less than normal amount of haemoglobin is produced in the body or too few red blood cells are produced. Haemoglobin is a substance in red blood cells, which is made up of iron and protein and is responsible for picking up oxygen from the lungs and distributing it through out the body. Oxygen gives energy to the body. Anaemic condition results in less oxygen and therefore less energy.



Causes For Anaemia:

  • Excessive loss of blood.
  • Excessive damage to red blood cells.
  • Disease or some other condition which may result in reduced production of red blood cells or deficiency of nutrients or hormones which may produce fewer red blood cells.

Types Of Anaemia Which Results In Hair Loss:

(1) Iron Deficiency Anaemia:

Anaemia due to iron deficiency is the most common form of anaemia. Women in particular are more prone to iron deficiency because of regular loss of iron rich blood during menstruation.

Severe iron deficiency gives rise to the following symptoms –

  • Quick hair loss
  • Loss of weight
  • Depression
  • Hair colour changes to lighter shade and becomes dull
  • Hair becomes dry
  • Pale appearance
  • Overall lethargy
  • Nails become spoon shaped

What Are The Causes for Iron Deficiency?

  • Check your consumption of caffeine rich tea and coffee. Excessive consumption of coffee and tea reduces the net availability of iron supplied through food.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin C can also lead to an iron deficiency.
  • Addiction to alcohol also reduces the availability of iron in the body.

What Are The Sources Of Iron?

Bread, rice, beans and broccoli are good source of ‘Non-haem iron’, for good absorption of such iron vitamin C is recommended along with it.

(2) Pernicious Anaemia:

Anaemia which is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B12 is known as Pernicious Anaemia. This type of anaemia generally affects people over the age of forty and is less common.

What Are The Symptoms Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

  • Bleeding from nose
  • Hair loss and weight loss
  • Change of hair colour to lighter shade
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Pale appearance
  • Dryness of hair

What Are The Sources Of Vitamin B12?

  • Brewers yeast extract
  • Dairy products

(3) Copper Deficiency Anaemia:

Copper deficiency anaemia, is due to the deficiency of copper in the body. It was discovered only some years back when treating iron anaemia with iron or food containing iron did not help in treating iron anaemia. The reason for this was that this type of anaemia was not caused by iron deficiency but by the deficiency of copper in the body. Copper acts as a catalyst in the oxidation of hydrogen and formation of melanin, the pigment which gives hair its colour. Copper is also needed for the release of iron stored in the liver, for intestinal absorption of iron and for absorption of iron into the haemoglobin.

What Are The Sources Of Copper?

Following are rich source of copper –

  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Grains
  • Mushrooms
  • Getting drinking water through copper pipes might also supply some amount of copper

Let’s Have Your Views:

Now that you are aware that anaemia could be one of the reasons for hair loss, I hope you would take care of the above points to keep yourself healthy and fit and would keep away from the problem of hair loss.

What do you have to share on the topic, please do come up with your comments.

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    Anaemia may be one of the causes of hair loss…

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