Hair Care Tips For Colored Hair

Colored hair is one of the major parts of your make up to enhance your looks. There are number of choices available in the market today to suit your taste and budget. Getting your hair colored is of course a one time job in a month or two, but to take good care of your colored hair is what which will actually maintain the color, health, vitality and shine of your colored hair.



Here I will put down an easy list of hair care tips for colored hair, to help you take good care of your colored hair and to maintain them for a longer period of time.

Hair Care Tips For Colored Hair:    

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Hair color has a tendency to fade with time. It is therefore recommended that a hair mask should be used once a week to prevent fading of hair color.

  • TIP (2)

Colored hair becomes more soft and brittle, hence it is recommended not to use comb on wet hair, instead you should detangle your hair with fingers or with a wide toothed comb.

  • TIP (3)

Colored hair need to be washed with a shampoo meant for washing colored hair particularly. Ordinary shampoo harm your hair and remove its natural moisture, they also fade the color of your hair.

  • TIP (4)

Try to dry your hair the natural way. Never use hot dryer as they may destroy your hair and you may end up with a problem of falling hair over a period of time.

  • TIP (5)

If your are fond of swimming and take a plunge in the swimming pool daily, beware and avoid it for some time because the chlorine in the water may harm your colored hair.

  • TIP (6)

Try not to keep your hair dry for a longer time. To keep your hair clean – wash, condition and massage with oil al least twice a week.

  • TIP (7)

Use good quality conditioner which has the ability to protect your colored hair from harmful UV rays.

  • TIP (8)

You never know that your tap water is hard water and may contain chemicals which can harm your colored hair. Alternatively consider using filtered RO water to wash your colored hair.

What Are Your Views And Tips For Colored Hair?   

How did you find the above tips for colored hair? Do you want to add some more to the list? Please share your tips on colored hair by putting your comments here.

Go ahead and enhance your looks with colored hair but at the same time do not forget to maintain and take good care of them.

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