Getting To Know Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

What Is UTI And What Causes It?   

If you are not aware of the components of the urinary tract, they are bladder, kidneys, ureters, and urethra.  An infection is caused when your urinary tract is jeopardized by bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.



Escherichia colibacterial strains are the most usual cause of UTI.  These bacteria dwell in your colon.  Candida, Klebsiella, Mycoplasma, Proteus, Schistosoma are other disease-causing organisms that cause urinary tract infection.  Apart from these, there are other factors that increase your risk in getting this disease.  They are as follows:

  • Disruption of urine flow caused by kidney stones or any other irregularity
  • Short urethra in women which means that bacteria can easily reach the urinary tract
  • Wearing of catheter
  • Enlarged prostate in men 60 years old and above
  • People who have infections in areas near the urinary tract

Women are more prone to acquiring this disease than men.  This is not a light disease that you can dismiss.  If left untreated, it can cause pain when urinating, organ damage, and death.

What Are The Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infection Or UTI?  

The symptoms differ according to gender, age, and the affected area.  There are those who do not develop the infection when the mild symptoms are cleared after about five days.  But those who were not able to fight off the infection will experience burning sensation while urinating.  Urine may show blood or emit a foul smell.

The men will experience pain while peeing and frequent urination.  In addition, they will also suffer from pain in their abdomen, rectum, testicles, and penis.  Those who have incurred UTI because of STD will emit liquid similar to pus from their penis.

On the other hand, women will experience abdominal pain.  Those who have acquired UTI because of STD will experience vaginal discharges.  Symptoms for children are pain in the abdomen while peeing, fever, nausea, and blood in the urine.

As for the affected areas, suprapubic and flank pain means that the bladder is infected.  Fever and flank pain are the symptoms of ureter and kidney contamination.  If you feel pain while you pee, chances are your urethra may be infected.

How Do We Treat Urinary Tract Infection?   

There are varying treatments as there are also varying organism that attacked the urinary tract.  Those who have the mild case are prescribed with oral antibiotics while others are requested to be admitted to the hospital.  The medicines differ to age as well.

Do not self-prescribe as only your doctor can determine the infected areas and the intensity of the infection.  Commercial products that you can buy don’t address the root problem so don’t bother buying them.  All those products can do is to ease the pain and nothing more.

It is important to continue your medication even after the symptoms are gone.  Why?  The reason is that the infection can strike again.

If you don’t want to get to the prevention part, you might want to take care of yourself well to prevent getting urinary tract infection.  You should take note of the tips below:

  • Practice cleanliness on your genitals.  Wipe the front to your back area to keep the bacteria from entering your urethra.  This is for the ladies.  For the gents, I suggest that you pull back your foreskin prior to peeing.  This way, your urine will not remain long in your urethral opening.
  • Pee if you really need to pee.  Empty your bladder as well.
  • Do not wear anything that is too tight for your genitals.
  • Avoid using anything that causes itching in your private parts.
  • Always wear underwear that can easily absorb pee drops.

If you see any of the stated symptoms, immediately seek medical attention.  Your doctor can prescribe you with the right treatment.  Or better yet, you can adhere to the tips to prevent getting urinary tract infection.

Take care and be well.

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