Garden Vegetables Help In Weight Loss

You must be wondering how could garden vegetables help in weight loss!! Well yes, garden vegetables and weight loss  have a close relation. Spring is knocking on our door, and its the perfect time to get started with an early planting in the backyard garden.  If you don’t have a garden and you’re trying to lose weight, taking up backyard gardening has a lot to offer.  Not only does it get you up and moving outdoors, you get the benefit of contributing to your own kitchen table.  And, of course, you get the added benefit of exercise.

Garden Vegetables

Garden Vegetables

Beyond deciding to have your own backyard garden, the next step is choosing what to grow.  An early Spring planting gives you the opportunity to enjoy very nutritious, non-traditional foods, direct from the garden.  To make the most of the opportunity, try enjoying these cool season veggies for novel, nutritious diet.

Growing garden vegetables gives you enough exercise to lose weight and in turn you get to eat fresh nutritious and healthy vegetables which are rich in fibre and other nutrients.


Native to the Mediterranean, Kale is a member of the cabbage family that is known to have been grown by humans for at least the last 2,000 years.  One cup of raw kale contains 33 calories, and is a rich source of manganese, potassium, magnesium and iron.  Not only that, it provides nearly as much vitamin C as an orange, while also being loaded with vitamins A and K.

Particularly prized in areas where frost is a problem, Kale is known for its resistance to frost, which makes it ideal for an early spring planting.  In recipes, it’s a good substitute for cabbage, and it makes a good dish when sauted in garlic and olive oil.


Another member of the cabbage family, Kohlrabi is closely related to broccoli, being perhaps more frost resistant by virtue of the most edible portion growing below-ground.  With a name that translates from German into “cabbage-turnip,” it has been reported that it’s not uncommon for kohlrabi to overwinter without damage.

One cup of chopped kohlrabi contains 36 calories, 5-grams of fiber, and is another rich source of vitamin C.  It can be served raw, chopped in salads and other cold dishes, or cut and cooked in manner similar to broccoli.  It’s not uncommon for the leaves to cooked as one might prepare kale or collard greens.

New Zealand Spinach:   

More heat tolerant than spinach, New Zealand spinach is sometimes grown as a warm season annual with a late spring planting.  Curiously, its not actually related to spinach, but makes a good substitute in most dishes, providing delicate succulent leaves.

Indigenous to New Zealand, this plant is a rich source of carotenoids that is more tolerant of warmer temperatures than its namesake.  One cup of New Zealand spinach contains about 8 calories, provides about half of the RDA of vitamin A, and one-third of the recommended amount of vitamin C.

Swiss Chard:   

Curiously enough, Swiss Chard isn’t native to Switzerland, but to the Mediterranean region of the world.  Honored by the Greek philosopher Aristotle for its medicinal properties, chard is a member of the spinach family that is a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants, containing at least 13 different suspected antioxidants.

Nutritionally speaking, one cup of chopped chard contains just 7-calories, while providing over 300% of the RDA off vitamin K, 44% of the RDA of vitamin A, and 18% of vitamin C.  High in oxalates, chard is usually boiled before serving, and the water discarded.  This has been shown to reduce the oxalate content while preserving desirable nutrients.  Prepared this way, its often served in vegetarian pasta dishes, or as an alternative to spinach in omelettes.

Weight loss starts in the kitchen, and adding a backyard garden to your tool chest is a great way to provide yourself with the tools to be effective at not only losing weight healthily, but maintaining it for the long term.

What Vegetables Do You Consider Good For Weight Loss?    

Have you considered a backyard garden, and if so, what are your favored home grown vegetables for weight loss?

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    KALE is really good for weight loss, and I believe it is the best vegetable for weight loss and it offers such a lot health and weight loss benefits.
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