How To Become Fit In 30 Minutes?

Fitness seems to come hard by these days. Yet keeping fit is one of the best, cheapest and simplest ways of staying healthy. Due to the work many of us do sitting at a desk, dedicating specific time for physical activities is essential to counteract this sedentary lifestyle. But how to fit this in when so many people are short on time and seem to have more important priorities than their health?



By working out in short, intense sessions. Short frequent workouts are better than one marathon session once a week. So here’s a gym routine that you could adapt for your individual needs and that should last no more than 30 minutes which you could perform several times a week.

Choosing The Right Exercises: 

Bearing in mind that there are only 30 minutes available in your gym session, you should try to make the maximum out of it. Working large muscles groups would produce more noticeable results than targeting small groups. Would you spend more time working your forearms or your back muscles? Biceps workouts are very popular with guys yet they shirk from heavy squats. The squat targets the whole lower body while biceps exercises target the biceps and the shoulders as secondary muscles. With just the squat, you are able to work out half of your body.

One of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to build muscle mass that will burn calories and make you stronger. By targeting the large muscle groups, you will grow more muscles than by targeting small muscle groups. So if you have only 30 minutes, you know what exercises you should be choosing.

The other two large muscle groups are the back and the chest. As you train your back muscles by pulling weights towards you, you also recruit your biceps and posterior deltoids as secondary muscles. So all is not lost if you do not perform any particular biceps exercises – your biceps will still get a workout.

By working your pecs with bench presses, you also recruit the deltoids and triceps as secondary muscles too. So by simply targeting the big muscles of the body – the legs, back and chest muscles – you also recruit smaller secondary muscles such as the biceps, triceps, traps, deltoids and hamstrings. Even your forearms get a workout! So any exercises that will work these main muscle groups and the secondary ones at the same time would be a good choice – these exercises will of course be compound movements as opposed to isolation exercises like the leg extension. Choose some compound exercises that you like and that you haven’t done recently.

Training Routine For Becoming Fit In 30 Minutes:   

Now it’s time to put these exercises together and get everything done in 30 minutes flat. This is where the challenge kicks in. It is not enough to simply perform the exercises you have selected. There is a pattern, an order in which to perform them.

Here’s one such example – the circuit training. Let’s say you’ve pick an exercise for each muscle group. That makes 3 exercises. Perform them one after the other with little to no rest, depending on how fit you are and how heavy you are lifting. After finishing the first round, take a rest of a few minutes and then start all over again. Repeat for a third round. In the first two rounds or circuits, you would start with a light weight to warm up and get the blood flowing to your muscles. You will keep the third or final circuit to really push your muscles to failure, knowing that there will be no more exercises after that.

Here Are A Few Tips To Tailor This Programme For You?   

If you are not very fit, you might take the full 30 minutes to do all 3 sets of all 3 exercises, one after the other.

If you are training heavy, you will need more time to recuperate.

On the other hand, you might want to train light but fast to blend this workout with some cardio training at the same time.

In this case, you will rest as little as possible between each round.

If you are fit, you might find this routine not too challenging. So pack on more weight, work faster or add another round or two to your circuit.

Alternatively, you could do more than 3 exercises per round. You may wish to emphasise certain body parts. Why not add a curl exercise for the biceps this time?

Remember, if you also have specific exercises for the secondary muscles such as the biceps and triceps, it is best to work them after the exercises for the main muscle groups otherwise your arms might be too weak for the bench press or the back row.

Finally, don’t pick exercises that involve one hand at a time such as the one-arm row as this would take you more time to complete your routine in 30 minutes.

What’s Your Tip?   

What is your fitness tip to be fit in 30 minutes? Do you think it’s a good idea?

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4 comments on “How To Become Fit In 30 Minutes?
  1. Bryan says:

    It is indeed better to exercise everyday even for a short time than to do it once a week but longer. Take note, too much is bad for our body. Doing it everyday will help your metabolism be able to work faster all the time unlike when doing it once a week, there will be times where you will be inactive and will make your metabolism work slow as well.

  2. Grace @ Personal Trainer Chicago says:

    This is a really nice post considering that there are many people nowadays who cannot even take a little peek at the gym because they are very busy with work. So your tips could absolutely aid many people by doing the routines in-between breaktimes!

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Yes, if one can find few minutes daily to workout at their home, it would play wonders for them in the long run instead of attending a gym once or twice a week for a longer workout.

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