Facts About Caesarean Delivery

A women feels on top of the world when she is about to give birth to her child, this can be a life changing experience for her.  Month after month as the days pass on till the time you enter the labour room, the whole experience is very eventful. And then inside the labour room, no matter how well you think you are prepared to handle your delivery, no one can tell how easy or difficult your delivery would be. Hence it is always better to know the facts of the other option – the caesarean section. Just in case you are in for a caesarean section, you would be in a better position to handle it once you know the facts about it.



Caesarean section is done through a bikini shaped incision in the lower abdomen. The abdomen is opened layer by layer and a bikini shaped incision is given on the uterine wall and the baby is delivered. After the birth the baby’s mouth and nose is cleaned of any fluids and the cord is cut and the baby is handed to a pediatrician. The uterine incision is then closed in layers. The patient can go home in four days and the stitches are usually removed after seven days.

Below mentioned are the facts which every expecting mother should know about caesarean section:

  • Mother Baby Bonding:  

Though it is often believed that after a c-section delivery the mother baby bonding is less, this is absolutely false, the fact is there in no difference in mother child bonding after a c-section delivery. Now a days caesarean deliveries are done under regional anaesthesia and the mother is awake during the procedure and can start bonding with the child immediately after the baby is born.

  • Caesarean Delivery Does Not Mean All Future Deliveries Would Be Caesarean: 

It is a common belief that once you have a caesarean delivery, all your future deliveries would also be caesarean. This is not true at all. Having a caesarean delivery does not mean that all your future children would have to be delivered through caesarean section. About 70 per cent of women can deliver vaginally.

  • Caesarean Delivery Is Associated With Back Ache:  

This is again a myth, though some women can have a little back ache for few days after a caesarean delivery because of the injection given in the lower back for giving spinal anaesthesia. Drink lots of water and avoid using pillow for few days after surgery and you would feel better as far as the back ache is concerned.

  • Breast Feeding:

Another myth is that after a caesarean delivery the mother should avoid breast feeding the baby because there is a risk of stitches opening up due to the mother being mobile. This is not true and the mother can breast feed after caesarean delivery.

  • Health Of The Baby:

It is often believed that babies born through c -section are healthier than the babies delivered vaginally, this is again not true as babies born vaginally are as healthy as babies born through c -section.

Recommended Diet After Caesarean Delivery:   

During your pregnancy it is recommended that you have nutrients rich diet which is beneficial for both mother and the child growing inside you. Women are often advised to stay away from milk, rice or ghee after a caesarean delivery because this could impair the healing of the scar. This is just a myth and you can resume your normal diet with in a day or two after the surgery.

Tips To Handle Caesarean Delivery:   

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid lifting weight heavier than your baby.
  • Don’t confine yourself to bed.
  • Keep the incision dry and clean.
  • Start exercising after about two months to regain your abdominal tone.

What Are Your Experiences? 

What do you have to say on the suggestions, tips and facts mentioned above, please do put your comments. It would be grate if you could share some of your experiences that you might like to share with the readers.

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  8. The incision will be uncomfortable for several days after the operation. Painkillers may be prescribed. You may also check with your doctor on using rubbing alcohol to clean the incision area
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