Eye Care Tips And Exercises For Tired Eyes

Eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. Like any other part of the body, eyes are silently and constantly at work throughout the day, be it working in front of the computer screen, studying, reading or simply watching television or doing any other activity, it is our eyes that bear the brunt and at the end of the day you feel that your eyes are tired. Proper eye care and exercises for tired eyes are very much recommended for keeping your eyes healthy and stress free and relieve them of tiredness.



Eye Exercises Help The Eyes In Two Important Ways:

  • Mechanically:   

Eye exercises help to improve the mechanical stability of the eye by coordinating and strengthening the eye muscles. The eye exercises strengthen the convergence power of the eye and balance its function with that of accommodation.

  • Optically:   

Eye exercises improve the optical image coordination between the two eyes, thereby permitting a proper three dimensional accurate picture to be received and subsequently evaluated by the brain.

Though there are numerous benefits of eye exercises for the health and fitness of your eyes, but it would be futile if you think they would lower your spectacle number, cure glaucoma or cataract or any other organic disability in the eye. Eye exercises can also not cure high degrees of squint for which surgery is only recourse.

Eye Exercises Help Improve The Mechanical Stability Of The Eye In Following Ways –

  • Allowing eye movement, especially in people who have their eyes fixed at a particular position for long periods, or people who wear spectacles, by relieving congestion and permitting a more comfortable vision.
  • Exercising a particular group of muscles can cure or radically improve a lower degree squint. Even if squint is surgically operated, exercises can build up the capacity of the eye to virtually normal limits.
  • Exercising a weak muscle can increase the range of movement of an eye.
  • Eye exercises reduce an imbalance between the convergence and accommodation, if done correctly, thus reducing tiredness and strain of the eyes and headaches.
  • Eye exercises also improve the power of the eye to maintain convergence in depressed position, and therefore permit long comfortable application to near work.

Eye Care Tips To Relieve Tired Eyes:   

  • To relieve tired eyes, apply a cupped palm on your eyes to make them feel relaxed, these comforts and soothes your eyes.
  • Make horizontal and vertical movements of the eyes to the maximum extreme every thirty minutes if you are reading, studying or working on compute for long hours.
  • Another good eye relaxing technique is to look far and then at a point close to you rapidly a few times.
  • Avoid reading while sleeping and maintain a distance of about one to one and a half feet between the eyes and your book.
  • Relax your eyes with warm compresses by dipping a napkin in luke warm water, squeezing the water and place the napkin on your eyes.
  • Use of a moisturizing or lubricating eye drops also relieves tired eyes.

Tips For Eye Exercises:   

  • Keep your thumb at an arms distance in the line of your nose and focus with both eyes on it. Slowly move the thumb towards the nose with your gaze fixated on the thumb.
  • Roll your eyes up and down and then side to side. Now move your eyes in a circular motion. Repeat this exercise five to ten times.
  • Rub your fingers for about fifteen to twenty times until they feel warm. Close your eyes and cup them with warm hands. Let your fingers overlap and rest on the centre of your forehead for about a minute.
  • To improve eye flexibility, hold your thumb six inches from your nose and focus with both eyes. Now shift your focus on any other object, which is ten feet away. Repeat this back and forth about fifteen times.
  • Take a bowl of luke warm water and a bowl of cold water. Dip a clean napkin in each bowl. Place the napkin from the warm water on closed eyes for 30 seconds and then alternate with the napkin from cold water. Repeat this for three to four times.
  • Stand at one end of the room and let your eyes scan around the edges of objects in the room such as doors, clock, television etc. This makes your eyes move in a loose and fluid way. Do this for about two minutes.

Let’s Debate And Discuss:   

You must have often experienced tired eyes, hope the above mentioned eye care tips and exercises give you some relief to relieve and comfort your tired eyes.

What are your ways of comforting your tired eyes, your comments and views on the subject would be much appreciated.

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  8. Rossie Baur says:

    Many people use only one eye to see the world, leading to the disintegration of the eye without use. We learn to see after birth. If the eyes do not see very often, can form the habit of laziness and inactivity. Therefore, we use both eyes in an appropriate way to get a better view. Practice the exercise after a long period, you may be able to see the world better than before without the aid of glasses.

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    I have astigmatism and it’s really terrible. Now I’m taking extra caution for my eyes.
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  12. Good tips for eye care.Thanks for nice share.

  13. If you work on a computer all day like I do, taking a 5 minute break every hour really helps rest your eyes.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Eyes are also a part of the human body and they also need rest. Giving break to your eyes at regular intervals is very essential to avoid stress and strain on them.

  14. Alex says:

    thanks for the excellent information … I hope this will help my eyes, work with computer-kills my eyes + to all of this constant lack of sleep.

  15. RJS KOCHHAR says:

    Thanks for your views.

  16. Vidhya says:

    Thanks for giving the eyes care tips. To relieve tired eyes i make my eyes horizontal and vertical movements when working on computer, i feel pain near 2 eyebrows joining.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      Mild eye exercises does help to relieve fatigue and stress on eyes, also take few minutes break in between and avoid working continuously for long hours on computer.

  17. Vidhya says:

    Thanks for the good advise. Have a question! I have already using eye glass(not power glass) while working in computer,reading etc. because of headache, but for the past 6 months i am not using it! I have to go to an eye test is not used?

    What are the mild eye exercise?

  18. Vidhya says:

    Thank you KOCHHAR! I lastly went to checkup for eye 2 years back since iam using the same spectacles. My eye sight point is in ‘+’. My question is eyesight point will be increase or decrease? If increase/decrease eyesight point what will happen? what i have to do?
    What is difference between ‘+’ and ‘-‘?

    Kindly give me advice.

    • RJS KOCHHAR says:

      I would suggest you to go for a through eye check up by a qualified ophthalmologist and take the advice who would be in a better position to suggest and guide you after proper examination. If number is negative ‘-ve’, the patient is nearsighted. If it is positive ‘+ve’, he or she is farsighted.

  19. Ganesh J. Acharya says:

    I was advised to wear specs by my doctor, I initially wore the same. But, later I discontinued wearing it as it was not comfortable. Again, the number that I had was very very less.

    Fortunately, till date I never required specs. Was the number suggested to me false positive??
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  20. Bruce says:

    I also tend to agree that you can improve your vision without the use of glasses. In most cases, but not all. With natural eye exercises I actually corrected my vision. This way. Good job on the blog

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    Highly informative several thanks, I do believe your trusty audience will likely want more reviews of this nature keep up the beneficial hard work.

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    my right eyes always becoming red after 15 minute when working on the computer please HELP HELP ME???????

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    the most important thing is to saving eyesight, it is much easier to than later treat eye disease

  24. Gema Cratso says:

    I was suffering from dark circle and irritation problem. I tried your tips and exercise for eye and it work. Now I am a free from dark circle problem.
    And I have recommended your these tips to my friends also.

  25. Ganeshan Nadarajan says:

    Though there are numerous benefits of eye exercises for the health and fitness of your eyes, but it would be futile if you think they would lower your spectacle number, cure glaucoma or cataract or any other organic disability in the eye. Eye exercises can also not cure high degrees of squint for which surgery is only recourse.

  26. Emma Brown says:

    In yoga there are some very simple eyes exercises that have been proved to restore back your vision with regular practice. Yoga for eyesight improvement has shown real promise.
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    Thanks Ianna for liking and appreciating the article.

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