Emotional Detoxification: Cure Your Inner Self

Emotional detoxification, what’s that? You may be wondering!! Well to be precise emotional detoxification is a process of detoxifying body and mind. In today’s stressful lifestyle we go through large amounts of stress, broken relationships, traumatic childhood incidents, suppressed anger and hurt there are a variety of emotional experiences that take a toll on us. Generally detoxification is restricted to diets, but cleansing of unhealthy emotional toxins by undergoing emotional detoxification can do wonders.



These emotional toxins are as detrimental to a person’s health as unhealthy food substances. Most of us carry large amount of emotional stress and negativity within us without even realizing the fact. Almost all of us have emotional baggage and toxins in our body. But some people have a tendency to keep this bottled inside. Most commonly those who have past unresolved conflicts or someone who is a slow learner, anxious people, people suffering from insomnia, people who have had a traumatic childhood experience  need to have a session of emotional detoxification.

Every thought has a corresponding emotion and every emotion affects the body. It is a common knowledge that our breath pattern changes with every emotion. We have millions of thought and the corresponding emotions are stored in our body. Often these emotions remain unreleased and unhealed which in turn give rise to extreme physical illness like acidity, blood pressure, ulcers, migraines and heart problems. Each cell in our body has a memory of every experience we have ever had. By going through emotional detoxification we actually go through the process of healing these negative emotional experiences and baggage.

Various Stages Of Emotional Detoxification:   

There are various stages of emotional detoxification, lets examine these stages of emotional detoxification.

  • STAGE  (1)

Awareness: Willingness is a key factor. Awareness of the fact is very important because you need to allow yourself to go through the process. Once that happens you realize that you have created a life of patterns of experiences that tend to repeat through different people through different situations. An awareness where you realize that you are responsible for this and it can be a victimizing guilt trip if you allow it or it can empower you as well. Since you yourself are responsible, you can change it.

  • STAGE (2)

Paradigm Shift: Since now you are aware of what went wrong, you realize that you are viewing the world with coloured glasses. Your own perceptions are blocking your experience. Now as the shift happens you start to view the world from a neutral pair of glasses.

  • STAGE (3)

Love Yourself: As the neutrality emerges a stage of love creeps in. A love for your self, for life, for the pain and the gain, the more the love penetrates, truthfulness emerges and then you remain true to your mind, body and spirit.

  • STAGE (4)

Echo Phenomenon: There is a medical term called ‘homoeostasis’ which means the ability of a cell to maintain its internal state. If we extend our understanding it means that somewhere there is a tendency of the mind as well to maintain its original state. For that to happen life echoes back to you situations that you have dealt with only to test your new reality. This is the tricky and difficult stage.

  • STAGE (5)

Empowerment: The feeling of enthusiasm and vigour. You realize now that your thoughts determine actions, your actions make your habits, your habits make your character and character creates your future.

  • STAGE (6)

Anasuya: Anasuya is a Sanskrit word which means the constant ability to see the good. It incorporates accepting each moment like it was meant to be and surrendering it to the universe.

  • STAGE (7)

Divine Grace: The more you see the good in all, including yourself, you zone into not just your own divinity but also see the divinity in others around you. You now continue to share your experience with others helping them grow as well.

How Did You Feel Going Through The Stages Of Emotional Detoxification?   

What do you think how effective and beneficial is the process of emotional detoxification? I think it’s indeed a very helpful and beneficial process to heal and cure one self of the depression and the stress baggage that we all carry at some point or other in our life. Do share your thoughts and views by putting your valuable comments on the subject.

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5 comments on “Emotional Detoxification: Cure Your Inner Self
  1. cna training says:

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  2. Anita says:

    I love the wording and practice of Stages 6 and 7. In my spiritual practice I try to always see and speak of the good, but this reinforces that act. Secondly, living in grace is one way to climb obstacles.

    The blog post that I published today, Detox Your Mind, augments your posting and give guidance to hear and heal your inner toxicity.

  3. The most overall factor in someone’s healing is emotional stress. It’s not just emotional stress but your mindset when you begin trying to improve your health. Negatively is something that will get in your way if you try to get any success in life. You could do everything right prefect diet, exercise but if you have problems emotionally handling stress then you will not reach optimal health. Your not just what you eat but what you think and how you handle stress.

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