Effects Of Moving Exercises On Your Daily Life

Not only a 30-minute of moving exercises every day can improve your health, even if you have already been a patient of some disease like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, but it can also prevent the onset of various life-threatening conditions.By doing exercise, you can look thin,young and fit.

Following Are The Effects Of Moving Exercises On Our Health:

Moving Exercises

Moving Exercises

1. Helps In Weight Loss:

Moving exercise for at least 30 minutes a day can reduce your weight. If you have more time in your schedule, then you will try to do 1 hour of intensive exercise every second day. Do that one-hour exercise regularly and consistently.

2. Good For Your Heart:

Moving exercises reduces your blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and the relieving stress on your heart, improves heart muscle function, diminishes the chances of developing blood flow and blood clots and improves your insulin.

3. Prevents Osteoporosis:

According to experts, weight-bearing moving exercises like walking, weight-lifting and running will help you lower your odds of getting osteoporosis in your old age. Both the healthy calcium intake and exercise builds strong bones. You should start doing the moving exercises when you are young and make it a habit.

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4. Lowers High Blood Pressure:

Moving exercises will reduce your blood pressure, no matter your race or gender, age and weight. It is equally good whether you walk, a few laps in the pool or a fast run because the result is same.By doing exercise a blood pressure person can reduce diastolic pressure by slightly more than 2.5 mm Hg and systolic (top number) pressure by nearly 4 mm Hg.

5. Excellent De-Stressor:

By doing exercise you can divert your daily stresses and can improve self-esteem.During exercise the core temperature increases to reduce favourable alterations in brain neurotransmitters and muscle tension. Secretion of endogenous opiates increases due to the improvement of mood. Hormonal changes can occur due to exercise.

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6. Prevents Colds:

According to the research of Carolina University, people who exercised less were 23% more likely to get colds than those who exercised regularly. So exercise can also affect the colds. Exercise also increases the immune system few hours a day.

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7. Reduces The Severity Of Asthma:

People suffering from asthma should avoid exercise. But according to the sports medicine specialists, it is possible to do exercise for asthmatics if they use preventive medicines and also can avoid the attacks. Swimming is one of the best exercises for asthmatics.

Try Different Moving Exercises

Try Different Moving Exercises

8. Reduces Diabetic Complications:

In life style diseases like diabetes, exercise can help to lower your cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and reduce the insulin requirements.

9. Causes a Healthy Pregnancy:

Generally the benefits of exercise during pregnancy can far outweigh the risks. Back exercises and relaxation exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscles are important for pregnant women.

10. Prevents Cancer:

The Seattle Cancer Research Centre has found that 35% of cancer deaths may be related to lack of activity and overweight, because the overweight people have more insulin, which increases the growth of tumours.

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Hope this article gives you an understanding about how important moving exercises are for our health.

Do you indulge in exercises regularly? Do share your views on the importance of moving exercises in our day to day life.

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This article is written by me,  Ravi Kochhar. I write on issues related to various health conditions and fitness here on my blog. My endeavour is to bring out the most authentic and trusted information on the subject for the readers. You may catch up with me at google +facebook  and twitter.

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I write on issues related to various health conditions and fitness here on my blog. My endeavour is to bring out the most authentic and trusted information on the subject for the readers. You may catch up with me at Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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4 comments on “Effects Of Moving Exercises On Your Daily Life
  1. Marie says:

    The thing about exercising is that it’s only hard for the first couple of weeks while your body adjusts to the new stress – after that you become routined and it becomes much easier!. If I don’t exercise now I just feel weird! 🙂
    Marie´s last post…..5 Tips On How To Find The Best Facial Hair Removal Cream For WomenMy Profile

  2. Jane says:

    Above all, I like moving exercises as great de-stressers. And the long term benefits are keeping away the issues like diabetes and cardio issues which my family has (and so I am more likely to inherit them from my parents)!

    Besides, moving exercises makes my day complete 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Ravi.

  3. tapasvini.emblix says:

    Present very one are planning to loose their weight so that they can look like slim or zero size. The points above you have mentioned are useful for those people to reduce their weight. so you have done a good job in posting such a article.

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