Effect Of Relationships On Our Health.

It has been rightly said that no human being in this world can truly live in isolation like an island that does not meet with the rest of the world. Being in relationships of various kinds is important for very individual. It promotes happiness as well as emotional health. In fact it is also an established fact now that emotional health can affect one’s physical well being to a great extent too. How does relationships affect health? Let’s analyse the effect of relationships on our health.

Effect Of Relationships On Our Health

Effect Of Relationships On Our Health

One factor that the researchers have clearly mentioned is that it is our knack to feel intimacy and love that goes a long way in keeping us healthy. Not just one, but a number of studies have successfully proved that staying lonely is equivalent to inviting diseases. Relationships can thus surely have a greatly positive impact on our health care and can keep us fit.

Relationships You Share With Others:

Though it is understandable that family connections as well as relationships can often get tough to handle in the monotonous and busy schedule of life, nurturing the relationships remains important. Children, work and other factors that take away your time, should not hold you back from giving adequate response to your emotional requirement for well being.

Some important tips that one should follow, in such situations, for marinating a healthy relationship pattern are:

Spend Time With Family Members And Friends:

Go out, or simply spend some quality time with the friends or family members. This can be very simple. However, you would be surprised to know how much it could really help you. Just get some time out of your hectic schedule to make a phone call, or simply send a small e-mail or perhaps just a short quick note. Even a small ‘getting in touch’ can uplift your mood, and make relationships.


Start socializing and make more friends. It helps to establish new contacts and make friends with such people who seem to be sharing some of the very same aspects of your lifestyle. For example somebody who works at the same place or plays golf just like you. You will connect with them on issues that they can share with you and expect them to understand and give you good support.

Effect Of Relationships On Our Health

Effect Of Relationships On Our Health

Be Polite To Refuse:

However, in case you may be feeling way too exhausted and bogged down with other things to really go communicating with those who are your family or friends, or do not feel like you are in the mood to really socialize when they could be asking you to join them out somewhere, it becomes important that you tell them how you are feeling in a proper way. Explain to them why you do not wish to spend time with them at that moment in such a way that they can feel like they put themselves in your shoes and have clearly understood your desires. Not only will it relieve you of the stress and the guilt of not being with them and disheartening them, it will also help save the relationship from any unwanted complications.

Group Discussion: 

Group discussion is a way to self educate ourselves. It’s always healthy to discuss a topic and share your viewpoint with others, this makes a win – win situation for everyone.  What do you think is the effect of relationships on our health? What are your views on the topic please discuss and put your comments on the subject.

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