Eating Disorders Are Bad For Health

Eating disorders are bad for health though as often thought they aren’t necessarily caused by bad eating habits. Scientists researching the causes of eating disorders haven’t been able to finger point to a particular reason that may have been the root cause of eating disorders. The main reasons which play a significant role in eating disorders are biological, and psychological.



Biological causes mainly point to reasons that are genetic in nature and the reasons are totally related to our genes. They are transferred to us from our parents. Psychological causes mainly related to the mental health problems that can also lead to eating disorders. There can be a number of psychological reasons behind the eating disorders like personality traits, environment and other factors.

Here is a list of some eating disorders that can badly impact our health.

Orthorexia Nervosa:   

In this type of eating disorder people are usually obsessed with eating something truly pure. They can’t take any other kind of food that they don’t think fit to the definition of being pure. This kind of disorder often leads to starvation in times of not being able to buy or find the pure food that can severely damage the health of the patient.

Eating Disorders Not Specified Otherwise (EDNOS):  

There are many eating disorders that can’t be related to a particular problem. For example retailers buy food products from food wholesalers. Sometimes the retailers also buy items that have spent more time in the storage then they were supposed to have. This can lead to dangerous food poisoning and other very serious health complications. The EDNOS are the most dangerous of all because they are very difficult to diagnose and the patient can suffer for a long time until the investigation leads to the real cause of the problem.

Eating Disorders Relating To Social Isolation:      

Social isolation can be a major reason for eating disorders. There are different kinds of social isolation eating disorders that people can suffer from. One of the most common social eating disorder has been eating excess amounts of food. A lot of people who feel lonely start eating a lot and gain a lot of weight. But that overeating never stops until they are joined in by a company of the people they like. People who suffer from social isolation overeating take comfort in eating more as they think it can help solve their problem of being isolated.

Eating disorders of any type including overeating and less eating can be very dangerous for health. The cause of eating disorder cannot be determined without proper check up so people with eating disorders have to consult a doctor as soon as possible to curb the side effects of the suffering.

To stay fit and healthy we all need to have healthy eating habits and avoid eating disorders of any kind. Just sit back and think what eating disorders you have? Do you need to consult a doctor or an expert for that? Even if you think you don’t have any kind of eating disorders, do you still think that it is a good idea to consult one for developing healthy eating habits?

Show Your Concern in Preventing Eating Disorders:    

May be you are not aware that you are suffering from one or you have been able to recover from the same. Whatever your experiences are do share your thoughts and views by putting your comments below for the benefit of millions of people who are victim of eating disorders.

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