Easy Remedies To Treat Stomach Flu At Home

Gastroenteritis, or stomach flu is an inflammation of the stomach that is extremely uncomfortable because of constant bowel movements and vomiting that accompanies the condition. Although stomach flu can subside by itself in a few days, it is best to use stomach flu home remedies to make the experience easier.



Stomach Flu Home Remedies To Cure Stomach Flu At Home:    

Drink Enough Water:  

The symptoms of stomach flu are fever, which is then accompanied by headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration due to the loss of fluids from the body. The first step in treating stomach flu is by replenishing the body with enough water to stay hydrated. Sucking on ice cubes can reduce vomiting.

Avoid drinks with high sugar content such as sodas and juices, caffeine and alcohol during this time. Drink water until the vomiting is under control, after which you can try light caraway, cinnamon or mint teas and soups to cure your stomach virus.

Eat Yugurt:

Consume yogurt. It helps to restore the good bacteria in the stomach that may be lost because of the flu. Furthermore, it soothes the stomach after consuming other fluids. Use sports drinks rich in electrolytes to balance body fluids and relieve the diarrhea. Stick to this diet regime until you get rid of your stomach virus. As you recover the discomfort in your stomach will gradually subside and vomiting and diarrhea will significantly decrease.

Eat Light Food:

At this point, you are allowed to eat light solid foods like rice, cereals, chicken and any other meal that is easy to digest. These should be prepared with minimal fat content and contain carbohydrates. Fatty foods will definitely trigger diarrhea again, so avoid them at all costs. Also keep away from heavy dairy products such as cheese and butter. These are high in fat.

Fruits like bananas and watermelon are great for treating stomach flu. Avoid acidic fruits such as oranges because of the sensitivity of the stomach. Lightly cooked vegetables are good for the stomach, especially roughage from cabbage which restores the normal functioning of the digestive system. If you still experience pain, take a few painkillers, but not on an empty stomach.

Start Treatment Immediately: 

It is important to treat your stomach flu as soon as the first sign of inflammation appears. For most people it usually starts with flatulence and passing gas, noises in the stomach and dizziness. This should be an indication for you to start consuming fluids immediately. Do not wait until the condition worsens because it drains too much of your energy and makes it difficult to leave the bathroom to get something to drink.

Stomach Flu Is Preventable:  

Stomach flu is easily preventable by keeping an eye on your diet every day. Limit your intake of pepper because an excess of vitamin C in the peppers irritates the stomach and causes loose bowels. Eat from clean restaurants and buy the best produce for cooking to minimize chances of consuming viral infected food that causes stomach flu. Use these tips to cure your stomach flu. If the symptoms of stomach flu persist after implementing these remedies you should consult your doctor.

Suggest Your Stomach Flu Home Remedies:   

What are your remedies to treat stomach flu at home? Do share your ways of treating stomach flu at home by putting your comments below.

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8 comments on “Easy Remedies To Treat Stomach Flu At Home
  1. Leslie M. Luciano says:

    very nice post. i basically agree with your tips. yogurt really is very tummy friendly.

  2. Leslie M. Luciano says:

    i agree on you on this post. we can really handle stomach flu the natural way
    Leslie M. Luciano´s last post…..Gerd Diet restrictions What Foods Should You Avoid indigestion symptomsMy Profile

  3. oil of oregano says:

    Great tips! It’s essential that we have home remedies with conditions like stomach flu. You can also add oil of oregano for flu cure on your home remedies. It’s good for diarrhea and other digestive problems because of it’s antibacterial properties.

  4. Shawn says:

    I think the probiotic approach is especially useful. The alcohol tip is very important as well. So many people will give up everything else but won’t do without coffee or alcohol even though their stomach or intestines are in knots.

    The diet you include here sounds very gentle on the digestive tract.

    I plan on trying some of these other tips next time I get the dreaded stomach bug.

    Shawn´s last post…..Alcohol and DiarrheaMy Profile

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