Does Human Growth Hormone Slow Natural Aging Process?

Aging is a natural process that humans, since time immemorial,  have tried to reverse or at least delay. We have heard of countless accounts throughout the history of mankind about wild expeditions launched to discover what our forefathers have dubbed “the elixir of youth.” But no one has ever confirmed the existence of this wonder drug, and all of those stories have been reduced to nothing but mere legends. In recent years, the scientific community has conducted an extensive research on human growth hormones or HGH. And with its potential to slow down the natural aging process, many people have wondered if this substance holds the key to prolonging human life.



What Is Human Growth Hormone?   

Human Growth Hormone is found to have significant influence in the growth and development of human beings including cell reproduction. Every second of every day, cells get damaged or aged and should be replaced by new ones. The growth hormone is responsible for the continuous repair and reproduction of new healthy cells. It also facilitates the production of some proteins and enzymes that the body needs to stay youthful, strong, and healthy. This hormone is released by the pituitary gland in huge amounts when a person hits adolescence. However, at mid thirties, people’s HGH levels gradually decline until they reach the age of 50 or 60 where a significant defiency of growth hormone becomes very evident. With not enough human growth hormones, the body experiences considerable deterioration in terms of stamina, vitality and over-all health. This is because the body can no longer repair the damaged cells as fast as it used to be.

When HGH is released by the pituitary gland, it is then distributed to the different parts of the body including the various organs, bones and muscles. The deficiency of human growth hormones also brings about decline in how the organs of the body function. Noticeable changes soon begin to happen, like putting on more weight, wrinkled skin, or deterioration of memory. Other symptoms of old-age mostly happen because of deficient amounts of human growth hormones in the body.

How Can The Process Of Aging Be Slowed Down?   

People grow old simply because the body loses its capacity to produce enough amounts of human growth hormones. In the 1990s, tests were conducted in order to see how the human body would respond to the reintroduction of more growth hormones in it. It was found out during the tests that the added human growth hormones were able to delay aging. This discovery led to the widespread use of human growth hormones whether they are taken orally, or injected directy into the body. The first-generation commercial growth hormones are synthetic in nature and since then, there have been more supplements of that kind that are created more naturally. A lot of people believe that natural supplements are still better than synthetic ones. One may opt for the ways to increase the HGH levels naturally.

Potential Benefits of High Supplements:     

Improved Physical Performance:

Growth hormones stimulate different organs of the body to perform at its best. When all the organs work efficiently, then a person would be able to do his daily tasks better and more efficiently.

Stronger Bones And Muscles:

HGH is found to increase bone density which can very well reduce the risk of fractures- a risk that is commonly high to people in more advanced ages. Calcium, osteocalcin and other collagens, which are important nutrients in strengtening the bones, are said to also increase. HGH can also reduce the formation of fats, paving the way for more lean muscles to develop.

Increase Sexual Performance:

In some studies, HGH replacement therapy improved the sexual performace of aging adults by at least 75%. Loss of libido and sex drive is often one problem that many older people have to go through.

Other Uses Of Human Growth Hormones:       

In mid 1980s, synthetic HGH was manufactured and was approved by the FDA to be used only on very specific medical conditions. The synthetic HGH is injectable and there is a considerable amount of risk that this drug may in fact cause adverse reactions if not used properly. With a doctor’s prescription, the injectable HGH can be used to treat short stature and poor growth due to medical conditions such as:

-Turner’s Syndrome

-HGH insufficiency

-Chronic kidney insufficiency

-Muscle wasting disease related to HIV/AIDS

The studies made through the years to uncover the benefits of human growth hormones may one day solve the problem of aging. For now, more research is needed but at least the scientific community is moving on at the right direction.

Your Views!!    

Have you or someone known to you tried human growth hormone? Wheather yes or no, do share what do you feel and how beneficial human growth hormone could be for the mankind.

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